Shelle Knows: NOT Living By The Book….

Hey All,

This will not be another blog about how to live your life.  I am not a life expert. My life is so far from perfect and I do not event care to try to fix your life to be honest.  I just want to share my thoughts and whatever you get from it then you’re welcome!

Ok so this past week I went on vacation, witnessed KD go off on Lebron, seen a promo for a show called “Side Chicks of Charlotte” and went to work.  None of this has anything to do with what I am about to share with you. I am just catching you up on my life.

Now let’s get to the good stuff. I am a 28 year old female who looks younger but feels older. Lord help me! I have made many mistakes in my life that have not been life changing, thankfully, but I also think I have been playing it safe too.

Real quick…”Can you play it safe and still live life to the fullest?” And yes I would really like an answer. I struggle with that sometimes.

Anyways, I listen to all the obstacles and stories from my friends, associates, peers and wonder why in the world they made those decisions.  Why even put yourself in that situation to begin with? Could you be this awesome person still if you chose not to do those things or is those obstacles what made you into the person you are?

Lots of rhetorical questions to say the least. I think these things over and over with no answer or resolution. Maybe because there isn’t one. I have lived my life by this imaginary book where there was only one path to take and there is only a right and wrong decision you can make. I did not stop to think, who in the hell wrote this guideline to life I was following for the past 28 years?

Do not get me wrong, there are definitely rights and wrongs but there is no one way to live your life.  Successful people come from all different paths and backgrounds as well as poor people.  There is no one path that will work for everyone.  Some need a slower route, some need a fast route and some just get air lifted to their destination.  You have to be mindful and do what works for you and always be yourself through the process, no matter if it is with your career, marriage, or building relationships.

Here is a little food for thought:

                Be yourself. Whether you are weird, bold, great, shy, religious, passionate, or all of the above. Just be you. I have always been LaShelle no matter how loud they say I am, and how out there I may be, I am me and people love me and I am sure there are some that do not but trying to please everyone is not what you are here for.  People will appreciate you for being you more than trying to be whom you think they want you to be.  Be honest with yourself first.  Being you will also attract the person that is supposed to be around you. Opposites attract because the energy you give may be the energy they lack and fills the void.  Ok I’m done.

Now where did this epiphany come from you may ask?

Well I recently came across a situation that involved me thinking about what next steps to take in my life.  The only problem is I am so used to what I thought my life should look like and what is expected of me to look like, that I was willing to throw a potentially good thing out of the window to keep that image. At that moment I had to throw the book of life out the window instead but I still made sure I kept my standard, morals and integrity intact.  No situation should make you feel like you have lost any of that.  If so then back track and get it together. In this particular situation that has allowed me to venture down this road of living more freely it is definitely the challenge that I need but surely did not for see coming.

Moving forward I am going to be more open minded to situations. I am willing to be patient with my life. I stated in the beginning of this blog that I am a 28 year old that looks younger but feels older.  I want to become that 28 year old that never ages but gets wiser, more adventurous and always stays courageous.

Be Open. Be Smart. Be YOU! Live a little…


Hear Me Now?

dreadStop Talking…

One thing that I have always done is listened.  No matter who I am talking to I listen.  I listen so much that is actually gives someone else their answer without me even having to say a word.

People need someone who will listen and most people need to learn how to listen.

Everyone who knows me knows that communication is a big deal for me. As it probably is for you too.

I have my degree in Communications Studies so yes I am obsessed with being able to communicate effectively with others.

Now unfortunately even though I like to keep great communication in all types of relationships it is still hard for me to be transparent.  I keep a guard up at all times but writing gives me that out.

I rather listen to someone else all day instead of sharing my personal thoughts because honestly I feel like they listen but do not hear me.  I feel like they already have a calculated response in their head about what to say to me. Along the lines of “your a mess” “I feel you” girlll yaasss” you know one of those Ima act like I care and give you a ratchet response I think you want to hear type of response. Like I get blown off for the most part because you feel I don’t have real issues or I can handle it.

Well truth of the matter is I’m tired of having to handle it.  All I ask is that you listen. Not switch the subject back to you or take control of the conversation of where you want to take it.  If you feel like you do not have an answer or good advice then really just listen and hold a conversation but do not make it all about you again because 2 sec later I find myself discussing what you going through.

I know some are reading this thinking “do I do that” “ ooo I do that” or “ oh I don’t do that” when the fact of the matter is we have probably all did it unconsciously but now it is time to be conscious.

It is time to pay attention.  It is time for us to take responsibility as to how we treat our peers and friends. We are all screaming for help in all different ways that aren’t always vocal but no one is listening!

Yes, we all have that ex that we ignore and that annoying person who we just do not want to deal with but if they ever reach out to you in a positive manner or you feel like they may need someone to talk to. Put your ego to the side and do not ignore them.

Now I am not saying you have to do this because I def have a couple people who will never get a response from me …Ever lol but they made that bed so I make sure they lay in it by  tucking them in to sleep well for eternity and will not entertain them any longer.

But back to listening…lol

Just stop talking and hear what people are talking about. Even when you think they want an answer, most of the time they just want you to respond to carry on the conversation to bring them to a better place.  That is usually why that person felt like they could trust you with their feelings in the first place.

I share this with you not to sympathize for me but to help you sympathize to others.

Thanks for listening…

ShelleKnows: Are you INTIMIDATED because you are INSECURE?

So hey,

shelleI got some stuff to get off my chest otherwise I might snap at the wrong person who is not strong enough to handle it.  So here it goes lol.  All through my adult hood (yes I know im childish but my age says I am still an adult) I have heard the words, intimidating and insecure. Intimidating comes with being something that others are insecure about.

Now me personally, I have insecurities but I have not been intimidated by anyone or anything in a while.  Why not? Because I grew up making steps to become confident in my life.  I learned my worth but I also stayed humbled through my success.  So now I do not feel the need to be intimidated by anything or one.  More so if I am given the opportunity I am excited to learn and conquer, but then again that is just me.  What makes that difficult, is when a secure individual comes into the presence of an insecure person…

When a secure woman comes into the presence of an insecure man??? Oh that’s when you will hear the words she is intimidating.  This can also happen vice versa, I have heard females being intimidated by men as well.  I guess it is one of those things where you as the insecure person feels as if you cannot meet up to the standards of the secure fullindividual.  Which is ok, but…please don’t try to tear that person down to your level or make them feel bad for being so accomplished. Honestly, it should make you want to try and step your game up but I will touch on that in a moment.

The same thing goes for job opportunities.  There are always times myself when I would pray for a job but when I actually got it or an opportunity would come to me I would feel intimidated.  Start doubting myself, start trying to find out what was wrong with the job that they would choose me.  Trying to find any reason not to feel bad from wanting to walk away from the opportunity. Then God stood up in me and reminded me, this is what you prayed for.  This is what you have been preparing for. You ask me to guide your steps in this direction, why do you think I will leave you now? I am here and so is this opportunity so lets go! And every time I gained a little more confidence.  I used my past as my leverage.  If I could handle that back then, then I can handle this right now.

Whether it was through my personal life, school or career I took on the challenge and did my best with it.  I may not have gotten it right all the time but I kept pushing to make sure I eventually got it right!

That is the same thing with meeting someone who you may feel is out of your league.  Do not make excuses as to why you don’t belong or try to minimize them so you feel like you do belong.  Take the opportunity to get better and keep pushing and trying until you get better. Otherwise you will be in the same position you were before, being miserable abound the same people you were before.

hmmmFellas, if I can sit in an office of older white men double my age as the only young black girl who has no clue about the business language they are speaking but I still manage to include myself and not get intimidated?

Then you can certainly put on your big boy boxers and not be intimidated by someone like me when I come in your presence.  Yes I am a queen and you have to treat me as such but when I stand next to you, you are my King and I need you to lead as such. Take the opportunity to listen and grow instead of running and pushing away someone that cares for you enough to want to see you win. Stop saying my success, my beauty, my stability, my independence, my whole life is intimidating to you and start conquering your insecurities so you feel secure enough to be with a woman like me.

Now there are people who look down on people and you can tell them about themselves but for the most part a person like me does not even see a reason for people to feel intimidated because I am just as regular as they come.  I guess my light just shines a little brighter.

-Shelle Knows!

Shelle Knows: Guess Who’s Back??

Hellooooo Shelle Knows Readers!


I am back! I know I know, I have been away for a while now and not on purpose but life just got so busy I had to make sure I stayed on track. So let’s see what’s new. As of January 15th I started my Masters of Science in Management and I am currently passing in my 5th class now. Five down and hopefully only five more to go before I have my Masters in Management. I decided to take this road toward my master because I always wanted to go into Sports Management and I figured I needed some classes to enhance my knowledge and skills. So if you every feel as if you want to grow and the opportunities are not jumping at you as you would like then re-evaluate yourself and see what you think is missing that you could add to in order to become more marketable.(this was not a plug in tell you all to get some sort of plastic surgery either) Just saying lol.

So as I have been busy with working and going back to school I have also been testing the waters of event planning. I had the opportunity to not only be in 2 of my best friends weddings these past couple of weeks but I also had the opportunity in helping plan one of the weddings. It allowed me to see how far I could actually take my business. I will share some pictures below so you can see some of the arrangement I made for the wedding. I have to say they turned out beautifully!!

Now that summer is here I have had the opportunity to take a couple vacations so far but I am looking most forward to going back to Vegas for the 4th of July. A couple of friends and I have decided that we were going to take a break from business and let our hair down for once. We are constantly planning, working and making sure everything is in order that we just wanted a care free weekend with just the girls. Do not worry I will make sure I have enough fun for all of you as well.

Once all that is done it is back to grind time where I will be blogging about football camps, rumor reports of course, and the latest news in the sports world while continuing my Master and working full time. I have goals to reach and dreams to make come true so its GRIND TIME HUNNY!



Shelle Knows : Steelers Slip To Third In The AFC Northern Division


Look at how fast the tables can turn. Steeler fans watched thre their team slip out of the number one spot down to the third behind the Cincinnati Bengals at second and the Cleveland Browns at the number one spot.
The New York Jets who came into today’s game being one and eight, broke their losing streak by beating the Steelers who were six and three. The Steelers came into this game on a high as they beat their last two components by more than two possessions. Some would say that the Steelers are as only as good as their components and from the looks of these last couple of games they may be right.
In today’s game against the Jets the Steelers just couldn’t seem to get into a tempo. Ben Roethlisberger had two interceptions, Antonio Brown had two fumbles and the Jets defense capitalized on the three of the four turnovers. Also the Steelers defense did not show up today as they did in the previous three games.
Needless to say it wasn’t that the Jets were playing that good, it was that the Steelers shot themselves in the foot.
Now that that tragedy is ovet, the Steelers have to find a way to win out the rest of the season to keep in good standing for the playoffs.
As of now the Cleveland Browns are in the number one spot. The Cincinnati Bengals are in the number twospot. The Steelers are hanging in the number 3 spot and the Baltimore Ravens are down in the number 4 spot.
Stay tuned because a lot can change in a week.

Shelle Knows: Steelers In The Number One Spot


Who would have thought that going into the 10 week of the NFL season the Steelers would be in the number one spot with the Cleveland Browns on their heels. Well looking back at the first couple of games both these teams were struggling and a playoff spot looked like a dream. Both teams started this season looking very suspect as the Steelers and the Browns are 1-1 against each other this season.

As for the Steelers, they started to build momentum week seven against the Houston Texans. After beating the Texans on a Monday night, the Steelers then ended the Colts five game winning streak by pulling out a record-setting win. They continued with dominating the score board week 9 against the Ravens.

In the start of the season the defense were not as strong and the only go to player Ben Roethlisberger connected with was Antonio brown. Brown started to get double coverage, making it harder to make those impossible plays that he is good at completing. Also, Bell was breaking rushing yards goals but winning games were still stagnant. Then the other receivers started to step up and make plays such as Moore and Wheaton, giving Brown room to make the tougher plays.

Now since the Browns could take the number one spot at any moment it is important for the Steelers to continue having these blow out games so that they can get the wins and to build more confidence in themselves. As for the Browns, they have a tough defense but a not so solid offense.   That could hinder them with the next games as they face the Bills, Texans and the Colts.

Lets not forget that there is a lot of game left that even Cincinnati and the Ravens can take control again.

So no one is safe.