It’s all about the Student Cheer Sections

In the midst of March Madness of the NCAA, the tension is on as to who will come out on top. To help along with the excitement you have the cheerleaders and mascots to get the crowed pump! As for me I think no crowd is complete without a Student Cheering Section.

Coming from a smaller school who have over the past 4 years has obtained national recognition. Robert Morris has formed a student cheering section called the “Colonial Crazies,” as seen in the photo above. A cheering section just adds that much more excitement to the game as they cheer on the home team and taunt the visitors. It’s all in pure fun of the game. No player from the visiting team looks forward to such atmosphere as it makes it more difficult to concentrate, As illustrated below.

As I watched the VCU vs Butler game today it seemed as if the whole arena was filled with the cheering section as the people spelled out the word “HAVOC” (as to say they cause havoc) using black and gold shirts that people wore to create the word. Being that it is March Madness I’m sure every crowed will bring the heat just to see their team move on.

Also, it is just fun to see the students from the teams schools show their support! So to all college students go have some fun and cheer on your school!


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