First Woman in the NFL??


Last week I told you guys about Lauren Silberman. The first female that entered the NFL draft. Well sad to say her journey at the combine was a downfall as she did not compete well at all.
Lauren entered the combinr as a kicker but could not compete with the rest.
Sad to say she kicked only twice totaling 30yards. Yes, you read right 30 yards from two kicks. That was not good at all. Lauren claimed she was suffering from a quad injury and was unable to give her best and voluntarily bowed out after her second kick due to the pain.
It works have been neat to see a female compete with a man at his own game but this is a start. Atleast she was given a chance to compete. This is only just the beginning. I am sure next year more will step up to the plate and compete and maybe even get drafted. Remember anything is possible!


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