Today marked the first day for the NCAA Tournament! Starting from early this afternoon until tonight games will be played and #upsets will happen. Earlier today Pitt lost first round against Wichita. Which seems to be a total shock to fans but for me I did not expect them to win. Watching Pitt through the years, they have always been an inconsistent team in my opinion. Even if they came away with the win, it was never a blow out. So, maybe a new coach is in the plans for this team.

St. Mary’s played Memphis today but fell short of the win. St. Mary’s put up a good fight against Memphis as they were one 3 point play away from an upset in the final seconds. St.Mary’s comeback would have been one for the history books but they could not pull off the win.
Another close game was Southern against Gonzaga. Gonzaga managed to hold off Southern late in the 2nd half to win overall by 6 points. This game was supposed to be a blow out against Southern but thats what so special about #Marchmadness anything can happen!
Stay tuned to your local listings to see who else will be playing tonight in the NCAA Tournament and let me know your thoughts!


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