We are well on our way with March Madness. Upsets have been made and close games have had fans on the edge.While watching these incredible games each day its hard not to notice the “Wild” uniforms 6 of the teams are sporting this year. Adidas have once again released these uniforms for the tournament as they have done in 2012. There is a slight difference from last year and more teams have gotten involved this year.
In the picture above you can see the wild uniforms worn by six of the teams. They are bright and distinctive on and off the court. I just wonder can they be distracting when playing. I would imagine that they have been approved by the NCAA.
Personally I think the uniforms are great! I probably would not have chose that design but I believe confidence in your game comes with the uniform you put on. To be 6 of the many teams to have these special uniforms would make me feel special as everyone does not get the opportunity. It leads me to think that fashion has crept it’s way into the sports world even more. Look at Russell Westbrook, Ray lewis and others as the media pays attention to their game day outfits.
Well, what do you think about the uniforms? Should only the elite teams have them? Do you like the idea of the crazy design uniforms?  I’m all for it! I think it adds excitement to #marchmadness. Do You?


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