Louisville heads to the Final four


The Louisville Cardinal men’s basketball team pull out the win against Duke, putting them as the only number one seed in this years Final Four.
Louisville started out hot as they had the lead for the first couple minutes of the game. But it wasn’t to long until Duke answered back keeping within one on the scoreboard.
Playing with over 6 minutes left in the first half “IT” happened. “IT” being that gruesome injury that Louisville’s Kevin Ware sustained. He went to save a pass and awkwardly landed on his leg breaking it as he went down. Every player fell to their knees in shock. Tears poured from teammate Russ Smith’s along with tge rest of the teams eyes.

Duke even felt the pain as at that point it was not about who’s team your were on but the respect of being a fellow ball player.
As they attended to Ware on the sideline he told his team to forget about him and win this game he is fine. Ware broke his leg in two pieces having the bone come out his skin.

After he was taken away the game resumed and Duke took the lead finishing out the half.
Second half the Cardinals came back with a bigger purpose than just winning. They came back knowing they had to win this for Ware bringing it to his home town in Atlanta where the Final Four his hosted. Duke did not score for 7min straight giving the Cardinals an 11 point lead. It was history from then on. As the final seconds came to close a fellow teammate from Louisville put on Ware’s jersey #5 and the crowd chanted KEVIN WARE. Player’s from both teams hugged and thats when you could see that this was more than just a game. This game ended with purpose and was played with alot of emotion. Louisville 85- Duke 65


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