The Charlotte Bobcats Thinking of a Name Change??


Hornets? Bobcats?  Pelicans? The only way these three animals make sense is in the NBA. Yes these are the names of two teams in the NBA that have been connected starting from 1988. 

Back in January 2013 the New Orleans Hornets decided after long deliberation that they were going to change the teams name to the New Orleans “Pelicans.” Yes, the pelican bird with the large beak.  They feel as if it fits better for the team. Personally I feel as if it is not intimidating and awkward for a NBA team of men to be sporting the name Pelican.

But since the Hornet name is no longer in use the Charlotte Bobcats wants it back. Yes I say wants it back because Charlotte in 1988 started the team as the Charlotte Hornets then moved to New Orleans in 2002 taking the name along with them.  Now since New Orleans has decided to rename the team the Pelicans, the name” Hornets” is up for grabs.  No official decisions have been made yet but it is just in the talks. 


Personally I feel as if the Charlotte Bobcats could use some re branding to bring the NBA team alive again.  This team has been lingering around the bottom for a while now and it’s time to rebuild the brand and the talent. 

Let’s see if the Bobcat organization agrees with that and maybe in the 2013-2014 seasons they will become the Charlotte Hornets once again.



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