Bobcats Hires New Head Coach

The Charlotte Bobcats seem to be going through a rebranding phase and they are starting off excellent. The organization announced early last week that they will be changing the teams name to the Charlotte Hornets in 2014. Now they are announcing that they have hired a new head coach. Los Angelas Laker’s assistant coach Steve Clifford has been hired as the new coach. Clifford signed with the team for a 3year contract worth $6million.

After having one of the worst NBA losing records last season, the bobcats fired head coach Mike Dunlap. Dunlap was with the team for only a year before they let him go.

Jeff Van Gundy, who is now a sports broadcaster, has known Clifford from coaching back in the day and said “He’s a brilliant basketball coach who relates to all kinds of people well and I think he will do an absolutely fantastic job with the talent at hand,” Jeff Van Gundy said. “I’m so happy for one of the good guys in the league to get this opportunity.”

After having a losing record and not making the playoffs since 2009, I am pretty sure that hiring a new coach and changing the name back to the Hornets is just the beginning of the rebuilding of this organization.


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