Pittsburgh Steelers Players partnered up with Urban Impact


Yesterday was such a success, as about 20 of the Steeler players joined the Urban Impact in a youth football training session in the community. Players such as Marquis Pouncey, Ramon Foster, Larry Foote, and Plaxico Burress to name a few.


The event was held at the Pittsburgh Oliver school field. Where they had rock climbing, games, food and fun things for the kids in the community to take part of. Then after an hour they started the training session where the Steeler Rookies and Veterans took the field to answer a couple questions to the fans.
The children then joined the players on the field divided by ages and got to train with them ages k-8th grade. The kids got to showcase thier drilling, catching, and tackling skills.


The event was such a success. It was well organized by the Urban Impact and beneficial to the community. Seeing the excitement on the kids faces was priceless.


The Urban Impact does alot with the community to help kids get involved and give the community something positive to do. This program helps build relationships and help those who get involved grow.

This year I was able to get my nephew involved with the summer camp that they provide and that’s how he was able to know about this football training event. He is a shy individual and to see him yesterday on the field expressing himself, and interacting, showed me that this program will help him grow as an individual.
The Urban Impact gets 2 thumbs up!


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