Danny Green-“Don’t Kill His Vibe”

Danny Green

Danny Green

Where did he come from? Who does he think he is? He just cannot miss!

These are just some of the things being said when it comes to watching Danny Green play. Danny Green is the starter for the San Antonio Spurs, who has been lighting up the court at the 3 point range. Ever since the Heat vs. the Spurs series has begun, Green has been the deciding factor. Last night in-game 5 of the series, Green set a new record for the most 3 pointers in NBA finals, beating out Ray Allen. What makes it even more awesome is that Green was able to break the record playing against Allen who held the record. There are not too many that can say they have done that.

Daniel Richard Green Jr. is a shooting guard small forward who played at the University of North Carolina where he was also known for breaking and setting a couple of records. Green played more games and had more wins as a Tar Heel than any other before him.  Green is also the only player in the history of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) with 1,000 points, 500 rebounds, 250 assists, 150 three-pointers, 150 blocks and 150 steals. And now he is starting in his first NBA finals with the Spurs,

Even though his achievements are very impressive, coming into the NBA was a bumpy road. In 2009 Green was selected as the 46th pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Only playing 20 games of his rookie season with the Cavs, they decided to waive him in the beginning of the next season.

Hey things like this happen, nothing new right?

November 2010 he was picked up by the Spurs who six days later after 2 games they released him. Green did not stop there. He continued to play in the NBA D-league with the Reno Big Horns. After having outstanding stats with the Big Horns I guess it caught the Spurs attention again as they signed him for the second time in March 2011. The Spurs then assign him to their D league team, the Austin Toros.

Oh but he isn’t done there. In August of 2011, Green signed a one year contract with KK Union Olimpija, signing a NBA out clause option when the 2011 NBA lockout ended. Sure enough when the lockout ended, Green returned to the Spurs.  Green then had a breakout season where he eventually became the starting shooting guard for the Spurs. He was also awarded NBA Most Improved Player Award.  He finally landed a contract for $12 million over 3 years.

Green blocks James in game 5

Green blocks James in game 5

Just by Greens career timeline, you can tell that he was persistent and determined to fulfill his dream.  Being cut and resigned is a part of being in the league but most get so frustrated and they let their ego get the best of them.  Green in this case made sure that he made the best of every opportunity given to him. He understood the concept to never let the trials in your journey determine your destiny but to let your journey build you up and prepare you for your destination.  Getting cut from the Cavs, signing to multiple NBA development teams and even signing to play overseas was just a part of the process.  Going through that process, Green enhanced his shooting average; stats got stronger and ideally became the player the Spurs needed.


Danny Green is an example of staying persistent. He continued to prepare himself for when it was time for him to show what he has to offer.  When he was given the opportunity by the Spurs in 2011, he did just that.

No matter what your profession, you always have to work hard towards your goal and stay prepared. You never know when that opportunity may come, but when it does you do not want to be the one caught slipping. The next time you feel defeated or pushed to the side; remember the story of Danny Green. You may not see the finish line but that does not mean you quit running the race. Keep a steady pace, be prepared to jump some hurdles and never give up!


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