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We are talking about the Bucs. The MLB team from Pittsburgh that has been haunted by back to back losing seasons.  Could this year be their year to make a run for a championship? I know it is still early in the season but this is great for the Bucs.  Coming off this weekend with a 9 game winning streak, the Bucs have become the first team this season with 50 wins in MLB.  The Bucs have not done this since the 1960 championship squad.

Being a sport in Pittsburgh, surrounded by the six-time Super Bowl Champions and the Stanley Cup Champions, the Pirates can not help but to feel the pressure that they need to win a championship soon to hold the City of Champs legacy up.  The good part of being apart of Pittsburgh for the Pirates is that the fans here will still support them regardless. When going to a Pirates games, it became more of a great family experience than thinking they would come out with a win. Maybe this year with top picks like Andrew McCluthchen Neil Walker and Gerrit Cole, the Bucs can give this season a good run for the Championship or maybe even winning.

Only time can tell as we watch the Pirates continue on this winning streak as they take on the Phillies in the next 3 game series.  Below is the Bucs schedule for the next up coming weeks.


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