Is it just me? Or does everyone relate a food to a certain sport.  I know when watching a sport whether it be on TV or live itself, I tend to want to eat something in the process.  I’m going to go through the top foods and restaurants I enjoy while watching a certain sport.

tailgate-food-wings-ribs-shrimp-gluten-freeFirst up, Football. Football season runs from early September to early February.  Typically we eat based upon the climate of the season but with football we enter three different seasons. During those months I often like to grill out. Yes, even when it gets into the winter months.  While watching football I typically like to eat ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken off the grill.   I think it’s the fun of grilling and tailgating that draws me to this type of food. I am sure I am not the only one as many across the states do this same exact activity.  There are even commercials that support this theory of mines.  Even if grilling out is not an option there are many sport bars who can provide you with this “tail-gating food.” Later in the colder months I see a lot of pizza ads that make this food popular as well.


Up next is Basketball. Only one food comes to mind when I think of watching basketball. Where you thinking chicken as well? Whether it is fried crispy, traditional buffalo, boneless or covered by different sauces, chicken will always be my first choice while enjoying a basketball game.  One of the best popular places to have this enjoyable experience is Buffalo Wild Wings. They give you the option various different flavored wings.  Basketball is typically played December to June, so it is the longer sport that runs through football, hockey and ends when baseball season comes.  Even though chicken is popular in all sports, especially championship games, I think this is the main foo for this sport to enjoy.

stadium_food_pigsNext, let’s talk Baseball. Well not about the actual sport but what food I think connects best to it, and that is Hot Dogs. My experience in going to a couple of Pittsburgh Pirates games I see them eating popcorn, cotton candy and most popular, the hot dog.  They even launch wrapped up hot dogs into the crowds around the stadium.  In the stores they even have hot dogs named Ballpark.  So, there my point is proven, hot dogs are more popular when watching baseball than any other sport.

t1larg.tailgating.foodMore foods that tend to be a part of the sports culture that I have yet to mention are Nachos and Cheese, Pretzels, French fries, Sandwiches, Subs/ Hoagies, and other finger foods.  I think this is because it is fast and easy to eat. Yes, most of the time you will get messy but who doesn’t get a little messy when sports are involved.  And all these foods are typically washed down with water, soda(pop), juice or more popular a nice cold beer.  The next time you sit down to enjoy your favorite sport just pay attention to the food you gravitate towards the most.


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