Hey everyone I am back! This past week has been full of fun and excitement as I have been traveling a little. I started off last week spending a couple of days in Times Square. Yes, it was quite the experience.

20130714_162647_resizedFrom morning to-night, the streets of New York were constantly busy. Mostly with tourist and people who are showing off their talents to make money or to get exposure.

20130714_205714_resizedWell I also hit the streets to see everything the city had to offer. I went to Madison Square Garden and I have to say being there did not seem as exciting as when you see it on TV. It was great just to get to see where most of the greats have played but I always thought it would be a greater experience. 20130714_205229_resized

A highlight of my vacation was going to Brooklyn. Why Brooklyn you may ask? Well, Brooklyn houses the home of The Barclay center where the Brooklyn Nets play. As some may know last year Jay Z who was part owner of the Nets moved the team from New Jersey back to his home city in the middle of Brooklyn.



The Barclay Center was amazing from the parts of the outside and inside that I seen.  Last season the Nets had an good season but just not good enough so some major trades were made as now they have Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry joining the roster. I am sure that the fan base just rose for this team and the Barclay Center will be even more filled.


After walking the streets of New York, the city of possibilities, I flew out to Miami, Florida. Upon arrival the first thing I seen was Miami Heat jerseys and souvenirs everywhere you looked. You would have thought that it was currently basketball season and there was a game that day.  Hoping into the cab to the hotel I mentioned to my friends that there was actually rumors about Lebron going to the Lakers. Which we all know is not going to happen, hence why I said a rumor. But the cab quickly jumped in to the defense of Lebron. saying

“Lebron is the king and he will not leave his throne in Miami.”

It is amazing to see how strong of a fan base he has developed in Miami. Well I guess as long as he keeps winning championships for the city then the fan base for James can only continue to grow. Since he is arguably the best of all time but I like to refer to him as the best of his time.  Just Like Jordan was the best in his era and Kobe was the best in his era. I wish I got to see more in Miami as the Dolphins just started their training camp for the 2013-2014 season.

Even though I was on vacation I feel as if Shelle Knows never can take a break. Every time I step into another city I have to take something back from it. I feel as if their will always be an opportunity for Shelle Knows to grow and I have to take advantage of it.  As I write about the different athletes going after their dreams and concurring goals, it is helping me reach my goals.



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