Shelle Knows: Korey Harris and Wes Saunders

Korey Harris # 96

Korey Harris # 96

Is it just me or does it seem as if during the off-season more football players are getting in trouble off the field. It seems like some people just will not learn. On July 12 of this year, 3 men were reported to have broken into a home holding residents at gun point taking money and electronics.



It did not take long to identify one of the men as he was wearing a pair of WVU football sweat pants with the number 96 written on them.  This identification lead straight to Korey Harris who was as the time the defensive lineman for the West Virginia Mountaineers.  Yes, you read this right. Harris wore his own football sweats to commit a crime. Harris was recently on suspension from the spring and now after this arrest the team gave him the boot.  He could face serious charges but it is being said that he will get off on a lesser charge.

Some may say how stupid can you be to wear your personal football sweats to commit a crime? Well when you are doing something as stupid as robbing someone you tend to do stupid things such as self identifying yourself at a crime scene.


Another player who seems to never learn his lesson is Wes Saunders, a tight end for the Indianapolis Colts. This will be the 3rd account against Saunders.

In 2010 Saunders was investigated by the NCAA for allegedly contacting potential agents illegally and was also found to be, along with several other South Carolinafootball players, living in the Whitney Hotel at reduced rates. Saunders would later be suspended and then dismissed from the South Carolina football team for violating team and NCAA rules.

Then Saunders was accepted on the Steelers roster in 2011. But in the off-season 2012 he was put on a 4 game suspension and released for taking performance enhancement drugs.

2011 season with the Steelers

2011 season with the Steelers

After being released he  stated that he learned his lesson and was ready to roll.  He then was picked up by the Indianapolis Colts. Thinking that he would now be cautious of what choices he makes he soon ends up in the same position.  During this years off-season, Saunders tested positive for another performance enhancement drug causing him to be put on an eight game suspension. Due to the fact that this is his second time violating the same rule only a year later raises the question, when will he learn? Just like the Steelers decided to let him go, the Colts can do the same.

Not to many get second and third chances but when you are given them chances do not take advantage of them.  These two men mentioned above was both given second chances but they still took advantage of them. Now who knows whats next with their careers.  Reminding me of how Aaron Hernandez is being investigated for a double murder charge from 2012 as well as a murder charge in June 2013.  It only takes one action to change a situation for a lifetime.  We all know that there are things called mistakes but do not take the chance in making the same mistake twice.




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