No Hard Hitting? No Celebrating? No Football!

tumblr_m06u2zzwRx1rnw09eo1_400Once upon a time there was a game called football.  Most males start to play this game at the age of six to 13 on local league teams in their local neighborhoods. From there they play ate a high school, college, then if lucky enough, at a professional level.  This is a competitive sport that involves hard-hitting, agility and speed.  Each player prepares to play against a bigger opponent as a team to win games. This sport brings out a huge fan base depending upon the winning streak of the team most of the time.  As a fan, you enjoy watching people getting tackled and scoring touchdowns.  As a player you enjoyed tackling and scoring touchdowns. Too bad the NFL no longer allows the hard-hitting and celebration without a fine or penalty being tacked on.

It is understandable that the league wants to protect the health of their players by enforcing the helmet to helmet rule but I think they cross the line when they are penalizing players for clean legal hard hits.  This year they even added a rule that involves tackling at the crown of the helmet.

The exact wording of Rule 12, Section 2, Article 8 is as followed:

“It is a foul if a runner or tackler initiates forcible contact by delivering a blow with the top/crown of his helmet against an opponent when both players are clearly outside the tackle box (an area extending from tackle to tackle and from three yards beyond the line of scrimmage to the offensive team’s end line). Incidental contact by the helmet of a runner or tackler against an opponent shall not be a foul.”1287792836

This puts more pressure on the refs because this is a judgement call and many will complain when it is or is not called.  I agree with trying to protect the head in a physical sport but it is football.  What about the guy who gets paralyzed, or blows a knee or has a heart attack. You can not make a rule to prevent these injuries and if you do then it will be call TOUCH football. I do not think many fans would be as excited to see touch football.  It just is not the same.

2011 AFC Championship: New York Jets v Pittsburgh SteelersAlso, Whats football without being able to celebrate. Taunting is one thing but celebrating keeps the game fun.  Not being able to celebrate when a player scores a touchdown or makes a play to stop the run  is almost impossible to control.  With the players adrenalin pumping it is only natural that they want to show off as some may call it. According to the 2012 NFL Rulebook, this rule was already in the official rules for last season, it was just not enforced. Here is what the rule says:

These acts include but are not limited to: sack dances; home run swing; incredible hulk; spiking the ball; throwing or shoving the ball; pointing; pointing the ball; verbal taunting; military salute; standing over an opponent (prolonged and with provocation; or dancing.”132688427_crop_650x440

Where is the fun in football anymore.  I would not be surprised if they start giving out rules to the fans in the future as to no cheering, no clapping, no taunting, just sit and watch. The game of football in the NFL is having the fun sucked out of it.  I believe you can do more in high school and college than you can do professionally.  As a football fan myself, I do not like to see people intentionally get hurt but when they signed up to play football they knew accidents could happen.  And as far as no celebrating goes, If it does not prolong the game then their is not problem. Like really what is the harm in saluting? What do you think?


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