Shelle Knows: When Flexin Goes Wrong

Jayz and Lebron James

Jayz and Lebron James

I am sure that most of you heard by now about the police escort that Lebron James received the other night in Miami on the way to the Justin Timberlake and Jay Z concert.  Well if you have not this is what is said to have happened.  Lebron James posted a video on Instagram saying “light work police escort on the way to the big homie concert JT.” In the video it shows the police in front of his car leading him to the concert in the wrong lane to get around traffic.  Rumors said that Jay Z said he was not going to start the concert until Lebron got there so that is when the police came to escort.

Due to this action the officers involved are now being investigated for breaking the rules.  The chief of police in Miami said they had no right or permission to do so.  This is where Lebron trying to flex went wrong as he may have gotten those police officers in trouble with their jobs.  If Lebron was to never post that video then no attention would have been brought to this and the cops would not be facing suspension.

I think everyone’s priorities are mixed up in this case.  First of all why do athletes and celebrities have this much power to shut down the city so they can make it to an event like other people who paid to be at the same concert.  Lebron is not new to Miami, he knows how traffic is and he could have left earlier for the concert. Also, there is so much senseless crime that happens in Florida, so taking a break from finding a killer or stopping crime to make sure a celebrity gets to a concert on time is inexcusable.  In my understanding Lebron was wrong for posting the video but the police force was wrong for making the decision to do so.

By the way did you guys check out Lebron’s new hair cut? Is the bald head a better look?

James new look

James new look


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