Riley Cooper Gets Into Fight With Teammate


During the Eagles practice today, Vick threw up a pass during one on ones in which Cary Williams defended against Riley Cooper.  Williams rolled over on Cooper and they both hoped up right away beginning to scuffle with each other. Punches were thrown and Williams then grabbed Coopers face mask. Brandon Boykin was the first to step in, along with assistant defensive backs coach Todd Lyght, and briefly broke up the fight. Once separated Williams threw his helmet to the ground and went back after Cooper, though, and that’s when Vick jumped in. Williams said something to Vick as he walked away and Vick had to be held back, as well.

If you remember Riley Cooper is the one who was caught on tape at the Kenney Chesney concert in a distraught manner saying he will fight every nigger. After that altercation Williams was one of the players who had a problem with Cooper saying that but was willing to forgive him.  Well no one knows what sparked this fight but in my opinion Williams gave Cooper the opportunity to stand up to what he said at the concert.




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