Shelle Knows: Blair and Kennedy Together Again?

Blair vs Kennedy

Blair vs Kennedy

Well today as I scrolled through my twitter feed I caught word that D.J. Kennedy is to sign with the Dallas Mavericks. And for those who may not no Dejaun Blair recently signed to the Mavericks this summer as well putting these two players back together again! First I would like to take the time to congratulate D.J. Kennedy on his new adventure with the Mavs! Kennedy has been doing a lot of hard work and  training within the NBA’s d league and summer leagues in order to get him to this point.  And now to see the journey continue on an upward path is rewarding and gives others in his position hope as well.3191768392_a3ac50294e_o

When I heard the news of Kennedy being signed to the Mavs, one thing popped into my head and that was “wow Blair and Kennedy back together again? this is great!” For those of you who may not know the history of these two, both of these talented players grew up in the same neighborhood and played for the Schenley Spartans.

Trio: Blair Bryant Kennedy

Trio: Blair Bryant Kennedy

After winning a Championship

After winning a Championship

At Schenley they were the leaders of the power team creating the names for themselves as Big Play D.J. and Dejaun as Big Fella. Before graduating in 2007 they lead the Spartans to multiple city championships and a state championship. Watching them play together on the court, they knew how to win games because they were able to know each others strengths and weaknesses.  These two worked as business partners. The last time these two played on the same team was in 2007 at Schenley because Blair went to play for Pitt then later for the Spurs and Mavs. While Kennedy went to play college ball at St. Johns in New York and then multiple teams around the league and d league.

3191768392_a3ac50294e_o Now Big Play and Big Fella will be a Dallas Maverick and if you are familiar with these two players as I am, I know you are hoping that these two have the opportunity to come together and show everyone what we know they are capable of.

To all of my fellow Schenley Spartans… our school may be gone but the history that was made there will never die. Lets wish Dejaun Blair and D.J. Kennedy Good Luck in Dallas!


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