Sad Day In Pittsburgh

Yesterday September 16, 2013 the Pittsburgh Pirates, Steelers, and Pens played and all took major losses. The Pirates played the San Diego Padres last night loosing 2-0. This will mark the second time in eight games that the Pirates have lost but they still remained tied for the NL Central lead with the St. Louis Cardinals.
The Steelers took the field last night as well in Cincinnati against the Bengals. It was an exciting meet up as the former Steelers defensive star, James Harrison, is now playing for the Bengals. Both teams was trouble on offense but the Bengals found a way to pull out the win against the Steelers 20-10. That will have the Steelers fall to 2-0 for the season so far. The past two games have exposed the Steelers leaving fans wondering if this will be a losing season.
The third blow for Pittsburgh comes from the Pens as they lost thier pre season game to the Red Wings 4-1. At least it was just a pre season game and does not mean as much as the losses the other two teams took in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is the City of Champions and thrive on thier sports. So Im sure thier will be some silent offices and angry fans in the work place today. Now these questions stand, can the Pirates go back on a winning streak? Will the Steelers win a game? And is this a preview of how the Pens season will go? Tell me your thoughts!


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