Last night the Pittsburgh Pirates played the Chicago Cubs winning 2-1. The game came close in the 9th inning as the Cubs hit into the outfield and the pirates fumbled with the ball, giving the Cubs a chance to score. Until McCutchen, the center fielder, picked up Ryan Sweeney’s bloop single after right fielder Marlon Byrd failed in trying to scoop up the ball and threw to first baseman Justin Morneau, positioned just in front of the pitcher’s mound. Morneau caught the throw on one hop and made the relay to catcher Russell Martin, who applied the tag on Nate Schierholtz trying to score from first base.
Martin held the ball high in the air as the players rushed the field on excitement.
It has been 21 years since the Pirates made it this far and by the way they celebrated, you could tell.

Twenty-five years since we popped champagne in a Pirates clubhouse — and we’re acting like it’s been a long time,” Hurdle said. “The hard work, the fun. I’m just proud of each and every man in here, the fans they represent, ownership, general manager, president … the scouts, players. This has been a group effort for a long time.”

The Pirates and fans have finally gotten what they waited 21 years for. But as we celebrate the accomplishments of the Pirates you can not help but notice the downfall the Steelers are taking. It’s like the Pirates stole the Steelers mojo. Why can’t the city of champs have a winning season together?


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