Shelle Knows: Kicking Ya Habit

For the past month in the media all I have constantly heard about is Lamar Odom smoking crack.  It was put out there as a rumor then his actions started to support the rumor and now the rumor was seemed to be found as true.  I understand that when you get a lead on a story that involves a high profile ball player that you stick with the story until the end.  But sheesh I am tired of seeing his every footsteps being placed in the media. “Lamar Odom left the house. Will he be smoking crack?” “Odom was leaving his house carrying a bag. Did Khloe divorce him?” “Odom spotted downtown where crack is smoked” Like really? These speculations have become news worthy? Where are the facts?  I feel as if the media is reaching too far into this story with no new facts.  Lamar Odom has been the only high profile basketball player that has been catching hell since the off season.  I feel as if he is the Aaron Hernandez of the NBA with all the attention he is getting …minus the murders.  Regardless if Odom is seeking help or not I wish him the best because kicking a habit is hard no matter what the habit is. 

If you have a habit whether it is drug related, shopping, spending, financial, eating, cutting, abuse ect., the best way to deal with it is to talk about it with someone.  That someone can be a complete stranger or a close friend.  This will help you realize your problem and connect with someone to take the first steps in getting help.  If you feel as if you have no one to talk to or fill silly about what you may feel your habit is then I am always here for you.  I am not here to judge only to help! I am no expert but I am willing to help you take the first steps in getting you help! You can email me at and in the subject line put Kicking Ya Habit.


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