Shelle Knows: The Pirates Are Back!

Bucs after the win over the Reds

Bucs after the win over the Reds

After 21 years the Pittsburgh Pirates were able to celebrate their first playoff win and it was against the Cincinnati Reds. The Pirates held the lead for the entire game leaving the Reds to play catch up.  Pirates scored 3 solo home runs in which 2 were by Marlon Byrd and 1 by Russell Martin.  Then Bucs pitcher Francisco Liriano, tossed seven dominant innings and the Pirates roared past Cincinnati 6-2 in the NL wild-card game

“This is 20 years of waiting. You’re seeing it all come out in one night,” Martin said. “Hopefully we can keep this atmosphere till late October.”

Crowd at PNC Park

Crowd at PNC Park

This was surely an exciting time in history for the players but more so for the fans as well.  There have been fans that have been waiting to see this moment happen over the years of being a Pirates fan.  The PNC park was filled to capacity last night in Pittsburgh along with the surrounding bars, around the outside of the stadium and the Clemente Bridge that sits on the side of the stadium.  Fans watched from every angle in hopes to see the Pirates win and they did just that.  Hearing from some of the fans inside the stadium they said the atmosphere was full of energy and it was the best experience they ever had at a game.  People tweeted that the stadium was roaring so loud you could hear the fan miles away. 

1380712189Being a Pittsburgh native myself it is exciting to finally see the Pirates have a winning season and to break the bad luck streak.  After the game the players took to the locker room where it was sealed off by plastic turning into the champagne room where the players and coaches popped bottles of champagne and celebrated. 

There are mile markers along the road to get to the place you want to get to,” manager Clint Hurdle said. “There’s nobody in there that doesn’t want to win the World Championship for the Pirates organization.”

The Bucs are one step closer to the NL Central champion as they await to play the Cardinals. A.J. Burnett will start for the Pirates against St. Louis ace Adam Wainwright in Game 1 on Thursday.

“They know us, we know them,” McCutchen said. “It’s going to be a battle. We want it to be a battle.”1380685410

Well let’s see how much of a battle it will be as the Pirates and the Cardinals meet in St. Louis.  Will the crow be as dominant in St. Louis as it was for the Pirates in Pittsburgh? Or is the Pittsburgh fan base just that great where no one can out roar us? Let’s see if the Pirates can continue their journey and add their long-awaited mark in the City of Champions.

river view of PNC Park

river view of PNC Park


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