Shelle Knows: Look Who’s Back!

Kevin Ware

Kevin Ware

I know everyone remembers Kevin Ware. Well if not he is the young guard that plays for Louisville who suffered a compound fracture in the NCAA tournament.  Ware broke his leg during Louisville’s regional final against Duke on March 31. Ware’s injury was so gruesome that after seeing it one it made your heart drop and stomach turn.  The Cardinalsregular season begins Nov. 9 but they begin a set of three Saturday scrimmage games this weekend.

Ware sits with his full leg cast

Ware sits with his full leg cast

“He has a clean bill of health,” Coach Rick Pitino said Friday, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal. “He can play all-out at the end of the month.”

Now even though they reported the clean bill of health, how mentally strong is Ware to be able to overcome the fear of possibly injuring himself again?  We see it from time to time how some athletes come back fearless and some stay away because of fear until they are mentally ready to step back into the playing field and in this case we are talking about stepping back onto the court.  Just like in the case with Derrick Rose, he was ridiculed for not coming back during the playoffs with the Bull after the doctor said he was 100%.  Rose obviously felt otherwise because he decided that he was not ready and stayed out as the Bulls lost in the playoffs.  Then you see someone like Kobe Bryant who would play tomorrow if he could with that recently repair torn achilles. The time frame as to when an athlete is ready to come back is 50% if they are cleared by the doctors and 50% if they are ready mentally. It all depends upon the athlete. So do you think Kevin Ware is ready? Take the poll below:


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