Shelle Knows: Blowout or Bullied??

This story went viral today as many question the action of a parent who felt as if his son’s losing team were being bullied by the winning team because they won 91-0.  In football there is no mercy rule, meaning after the score becomes a blowout the game will end at that point, so the game continues as is.  But in this case the parent of the losing team felt as if the coach of the winning team should have told his team to lighten up and not continue play as hard against his son’s team.  In other words he wanted the coach to take it easy on his son’s team since it was clear enough that they lost the game. 

What makes this situation worse is that the parent filed a complaint saying the losing team was being bullied on the field. Really? In a competitive game of football, you call winning a game as a blow out as being bullied? Players from both teams took to twitter going against the angry parent saying that it’s a game and there are winners and losers, to clarify that no one felt as if they were being bullied.

Below you will see the full story of how a blowout game is interpreted as a team of competitive football players being bullied.



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