Shelle Knows: No Name Lakers

No Name Lakers?

No Name Lakers?

Last night the Lakers played the L.A. Clippers blowing everyone away by beating the Clippers 116-103. The Lakers came into this season with a disappointing reputation from last year but that did not stop the Lakers from making a mark on the season opener. With Kobe Bryant out on injury, Dwight Howard gone to the Houston Rockets and Metta World Peace in New York, the new faces of the Lakers held their own outscoring the well-seasoned starters of the Clippers.

Many are calling the new Laker team as the no name Lakers but last night they sure did make a name for themselves as Clippers head coach, Doc Rivers, could not believe what was happening as the Lakers torched them in the 4th quarter.

“That [Lakers] team heard for four or five months how good we are,” Rivers said. “I told our guys, ‘Tonight we’re fighting human nature. . . . That team is coming after you with everything they have and I don’t know if you can match that.’ And at the end of the day, we did not.”

186259791Last season the Clippers swept the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs and last night Lakers got their revenge. 

During the off-season the Lakers targeted youth and athleticism to add to the team making them able to compete at a high level with other teams.

This is the first game of the season and there are many more to go but the Lakers deserve to celebrate this win as they beat the odds of coming back like they left off last season.

I guess the celebration will not last too long as they head out to Oakland, CA to take on Golden State tonight at 10:30 est.




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