Shelle Knows: Did Martin Really Feel Bullied?


For the past week, the issue with Linebacker Richie Incognito and team mate Jonathan Martin from the Miami Dolphins, in my opinion has gone too far.

Bullying is a very serious issue in regards to children and teens but when you hear of an adult being bullied I do not think the right terminology is used, especially in regards to the NFL.

When I think of one being bullied I imagine a child who is under 18 being picked on in school, through social media and being physically or verbally abused. Most children who are bullied are seen as to being less powerful than their bully or an individual who lack self-confidence and do not feel as if they can stand up for themselves.

In this case hearing about a “grown man” who plays the competitive sport of football at a professional level being bullied is a bit unrealistic.  Every time you step onto the field lined up across from your competitor you are in a sense bullying your opponent.

So when I heard Martin took an absence of leave because he was being bullied it made me wonder as to how he could have felt that way. Martin said he received vulgar messages from Incognito in regards to his family and race.  Martin also shared that he was pressured by Incognito to pay for a trip to Vegas that he did not go on. He then was called a “Big Weirdo” by teammates as he sat down in the cafeteria at a table full of teammates and they all got up.  That was the last straw for Martin and decided to file the complaint for bullying lead by Incognito.

 At this point Martin sounds like a child as if to say nobody wants to eat lunch with me I am leaving the NFL in which happens to be my job!

To me if he felt as if he were being bullied I think the proper terminology would be that he felt as if he was being harassed and threatened but not bullied. 

From the actions that Martin took it did not seem as if he seemed to be afraid of Incognito but more so fed up with his actions.

In a recent interview with Mike Wallace he stated,

“Maybe he could have been having a bad day and was not in the mood” when talking about why Martin decided to leave.

Based upon the messages that were said to have come from Richie Incognito, I would have sued him for harassment instead of leaving from the team and blaming it on Incognito.  So I wonder, did Martin feel as if he was being bullied or he was tired Incognito’s so called jokes and wanted pay backs?


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