Shelle Knows: Let’s Help Chrissy UPDATE!

Hello Everyone! Last month I introduced a young lady by the name of Christina Kennedy who was badly injured in a car accident.

Christina and Farren after the accident

Christina and Farren after the accident

To refresh your memory, late Thursday evening on August 22, 2013 Christina Kenney and Farren Mason Jr. was driving down Butler Street in Pittsburgh, PA. Due to inclement weather that night it caused the car they were in to hydroplane, sending them into oncoming traffic resulting in a head on collision.  Luckily their one month old was not in the car at the time of the accident.  The two survived the accident, but it resulted into life altering injuries.

Christina suffered a fractured wrist and hip, broken arm, reconstruct left leg and an amputated right leg from her shin down.

 For the past couple of months Christina has been healing at the hospital.  Late October she was able to leave the hospital to go home and be with her family, including her new-born child. While at home Christina has had the help of an at home nurse and Farren, who was in the accident as well. Christina has become dependent upon a wheel chair but has been able to go to the mall and out to dinner to try to regain some normalcy back into her life.

Cayden (Christina and Farren's new born)

Cayden (Christina and Farren’s new born)

 Even though Christina is currently home for the holidays she will soon returns to HealthSouth Harmaville for rehab. While in rehab she will learn how to walk, strengthen her other leg, and prosthetic training. 

She was fitted for a prosthetic leg and was told so far that she owes $2,000 for the leg parts, but that does not include the making the ankle flexible, skin or outer covers to make the leg look normal.  That price also does not include a foot that can be worn in any type of shoe.

On top of that Christina is also dealing with the lasting fight between UPMC and Highmark.  Her insurance company Highmark refuses to pay some of her UPMC bills, leaving her with the responsibility of paying these bills out-of-pocket.

In October Christina came to me to help her raise money in order to receive a prosthetic leg and to help with the outstanding hospital bills. We were currently able raise close to only $2,000 and we are a long ways away from our goal of $15,000.  Between her hospital bills, rehab, and a mobile prosthetic leg, she needs as much help as possible financially.

This is where you can help!

If you would like to help Christina reach her goal and help her out financially you can go to By clicking on this link it will take you directly to the site where you can donate and monitor the amount of money being raised daily. 

Every donation is appreciated!


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