Shelle Knows: REAL TALK

Growing up in this day and time it seems like a harsher reality is hitting us only because we are the ones going through it now. As children growing up into adult hood everything seemed to be laid out for us as to how we should live our lives. It was told to us that we have to go to school, learn, pick a profession, practice that profession and excel.

The problem to this is once most of us finished the whole “go to school” thing we went in with an idea as to what we wanted to become and came out totally clueless.  It was easy to say pick a profession until the profession you chose wasn’t getting you anywhere. Next thing you know you become discouraged and frantically searching for something that may work just so you can continue on the upward path and live up to the expectations that others put on you.

Medical school students thrive to become doctors.  Those studying communications thrive to become a journalist, broadcaster, or public speakers. Engineers looking for employment to use the skills they were taught. And athletes looking to pursue a professional career after practicing continuously for years.

The reality of it all is that no matter the career you once yearned for does not mean that will be the career you end up in.  Whether it is a lost of passion, interest, or a development of another interest that made you change routes, there is nothing wrong with going in a different direction than you originally started.

I have seen this happen multiple times with athletes as they hold on to the dream of playing instead of maybe seeing what other outlets could come out of being an athlete.

Many athletes who have gotten the taste of playing professionally and who are no longer in the league tends to see anything with them not playing being a failure; which is not the case. Realistically everyone who has played a sport will not become a professional athlete so when that dream doesn’t happen, that does not mean your time was wasted.  Sports are a game of fundamentals. It builds integrity, strategy, courage, personal and business skills.  You can take what you have learned from playing the game and the experiences you have encountered and use them in another profession; maybe even still  involving sports.

I have seen sports players transition into becoming counselors, broadcasters, business owners, writers and even just well structured people.  It is very common to use things such as playing a sport as a stepping block.  No one says that if you are not a professional athlete at the end of your training then you have failed. No, you are just like those who have studied and when one thing did not  work out, you tried something new.

The most important part of pursuing your dream is knowing that you are not giving up , your just giving it a different try.

We all know the saying “Do something different to get DIFFERENT results.”

Once you realize that you are not giving up on your dream, but simply just taking a different approach, it makes the transition much better in life.

So whether you are a former athlete, writer, counselor, doctor, engineer, teacher, remember anything different from what you initially pursued is not failing but merely just a change of direction to become something greater!

Check out the video below of a former Olympic Swimmer who is making a career transition.



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