Shelle Knows: 13 Year Old Boy Dies And His Wish Is To Be On ESPN

Eddie Bugg's

Eddie Bugg’s

Pittsburgh Native Eddie Bugg’s died last month from spinal cancer.  Bugg’s was a 13-year-old high-spirited cancer fighter who loved the game of football along with other sports as well.  After battling cancer at a young age, Bugg’s was in remission before the family found out the cancer spread to his spinal cord in November.  Eddie Bugg’s continued to fight his battle until he passed away December 28, 2013.

Bugg’s was described as having a big smile, big heart, courageous, highly motivated and he was said to have a lot of passion for the game of football.

He did more things in a short time span than most people do their whole life,” said Eddie’s father Michael Knight, “Never would showboat, never would talk smack. He just played.”

This story was brought to my attention by a friend whose younger son was friends with Eddie before he moved from Pittsburgh.

Bugg's wearing the #20 with fellow teamates

Bugg’s wearing the #20 with fellow teammates

Before he passed away Bugg’s always dreamed of being on ESPN.

A fan page was created on Facebook to help create awareness to have Eddie Bugg’s on ESPN.

Also, on twitter you can use the hash tag #GetEddieOnESPN #GetEddieOnSportsCenter #TeamEddieBuggs

I am asking you to please share this story with you friends and family across social media and help this young boy’s dream come true.

Please watch the video below!



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