Shelle Knows: Richard Sherman Talking That $#!%

I am sure everyone has seen heard or is aware of the post game interview with Richard Sherman after last nights NFC championship game.  Sherman and the Seahawks fought till the end with the 49ner’s, winning the NFC championship and heading to the Super Bowl.  The game came to a shocking end as 49ner’s quaterback Kaepernick threw a pass to receiver Crabtree in the end zone and was broken up by the Seahawks corner Sherman that lead to a pick by his teammate sending the 49ner’s home.

Even though that play was shocking and interesting that was not the highlight of the night.

The highlight was what happened right after the play as Sherman came up behind Crabtree giving him a good job pat on the butt and Crabtree did not respond well to that and mushed Sherman in the face.

During the post game interview when Sherman was asked to describe the final play he responded in a totally different shocking manner. I found the video quick humorous as the game is about competition and he expressed exactly how he felt.  It was not as bad as people perceived it to be.  No threats were made, nobody was hurt, Sherman just gave a remembrance post game interview.

Football has become so soft! Football is a competitive sport! What is wrong with talking smack and doing the “choke signal” in a game? Are we worried about hurt feelings? It was one play! Sherman did not taunt and act out the whole game. Sherman reacted to a great play he made! The End.

Watch below and tell me what you think of the post game interview. Also, below is Crabtree’s response.


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