Shelle Knows: Why Did Payton Manning Keep Saying Omaha Before Every Play?

First of all congratulations to Peyton Manning leading his Denver Bronco team to a AFC championship win and taking the team to the Super Bowl.  Yesterday, Denver Bronco’s beat the New England Patriots in the AFC championship  sending Tom Brady home .  Even though the game itself was not as interesting as we anticipated, there was one thing that caught the attention of viewers watching across the world.

Every time Manning went to call a play he would say “Omaha.” The announcers began to wonder as to why Manning continued to call the play “Omaha” but it would not be the same play as the last.  The announcers even made the remark saying that manning probably never even went to Omaha.

Well, what was the purpose of “Omaha?”

Maybe we should ask Manning’s Peyback Foundation, as they received $24,800 after yesterday’s game because of the “Omaha” call.

I know you are wondering why and how, so here it ‘is.

Eight businesses will donate the money to Manning’s Peyback Foundation after they committed to donate a combined $800 for each time he said the word “Omaha” at the line of scrimmage.

Manning said “Omaha” 31 times during Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots.

The promotion with the chamber of commerce started after last week’s game against the San Diego Chargers, when Manning said “Omaha” 44 times.

“This has been terrific for us,” said David G. Brown, president and CEO of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, which headed up the effort. “Before Friday, we had calculated that news coverage of Omaha had generated the equivalent of about $10 million in advertising.”

Omaha businesses that donated the money included Omaha Steaks, Mutual of Omaha, FNB Omaha, CenturyLink, ConAgra Foods, Union Pacific, DJ’s Dugout and Cox Communications.It is  expected that the program will now continue on to the Super Bowl, with each “Omaha” Manning utters being worth more money since more Omaha businesses will participate.

Sponsorship evaluation firm Front Row Analytics said the city of Omaha got its money worth with each verbal mention of Omaha worth the equivalent of $150,000 in advertising.

So this seem as if it is a win/win situation for Omaha and Manning’s foundation.

Brown said the city had no interaction with Manning or his representatives, but assumed Manning would accept the money.


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