Shelle Knows: Predictions & Secrets

2014-01-31 09.16.54Hello SK readers!

Yesterday I posted on my social sites for my followers to ask me any questions they had for me or about me. Either I am not that interesting to know about or I am not that “famous” in social media to be taken “seriously,” but you all left me no questions to answer. Just because you did not ask my anything does not mean I am not about to give you all something dope to read anyway! Pay attention as I’ll give you my thoughts on different topics and I will also share with you a small secret about myself!

Let’s start off with my thoughts on the 2014 SUPER BOWL game this Sunday, Feb 2nd.

Now is my favorite team (Pittsburgh Steelers) in the Super Bowl this year?

No, so why should I care right?

Oh but I do.

The media does such a good job with focusing in on one topic to headline for big games like the Super Bowl, that it makes you more interested in watching the game to see the outcome. This year I am excited to see the highlighted match up of Peyton Manning vs. Richard Sherman. Sherman called out Manning in an interview about his passing game and Manning responded by basically saying just watch.

Now questions begin to loom:

Will Manning throw in Sherman’s direction?

Will Richard Sherman make plays to prove he is the best corner in the league right now?

My thoughts, I will say YES to both of those questions. Both of those players will try to prove as to why they are in the Super Bowl on Sunday and I think they will give us a great show.

My predictions? Denver wins…

Now let’s move on to the NBA world.

Right now the talk is about Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and Paul George.  If I was to choose a MVP for this year I would go with either Durant or George. These two players are young and focused on leading their teams this year.  James and Anthony have been putting up points but have not been able to pick their team up as of now.  A lot can change as basketball season is only coming to the half way mark.

It is too early to call what team will be where at the end of the season but I do know that Durant and George are ready for the challenge.

Now it is time to get a little more personal.

Guys love to say how they want a girl who they can watch sports with.  Well that may be true, but I have never seen a guy pass up on a beautiful female who does not know a thing about sports though.

I think men want to be able to hang with their girlfriend or wife like they do with their friends and sports is usually a common ground.  They honestly want a female to be like the guys in female form.  They find it sexy to play video games, play sports, watch sports, and talk sports, while you in a nice pair of leggings and hair done looking all dolled up.

I guess I just described myself. So why am I single out here?

Something just is not right! (sarcasm)

Ok, so most of you THINK you know about me but there are a lot of things that you may not know. So here is a secret about me that I will share with you. I have never been in a real relationship. Yes, I have had guy friends and have been in these so-called “situationships” but I have never been in a real relationship! Go figure right?

That’s all that I will drown you with today.

Check back and learn more about what “Shelle Knows”






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