Shelle Knows: Should Athletes Be Allowed to Use Marijuana

Recently the state of Colorado and Washington has gained attention for legalizing marijuana usage.  On Friday after the Super Bowl press conference the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell reiterated that the league had no plans to change its stance on marijuana usage.

“This has been something that has been asked several times and I’ll try to be as clear as I possibly can: It is still an illegal substance on a national basis,” Goodell said. “It’s something that’s part of our collective bargaining agreement with our players. It’s questionable with respect to the positive impact but there is certainly some very strong evidence to the negative impacts, including addiction and other issues.”

imageJets cornerback,Antonio Cromartie was asked  if the NFL should allow medical marijuana? He replied,

“They need to just let it go,” Cromartie told Ashlee Ray of This Is 50. “[Players] just going to do it anyway. They just need to let it go. They need to go ahead and say, ‘Ya’ll go ahead, smoke it, do what you need to do.”

I do not agree nor disagree with the decision to legalize marijuana but I do see the pros and cons of both sides.  Right now even though I am not in the NFL I know like others there are many people who uses marijuana and have been for a while.  Some put up the debate that marijuana is safer to use than alcohol because when you here of athletes getting in trouble or car crashes alcohol is usually the factor and not marijuana.

Yes, that it true but also the first thing that is tested on site is alcohol by blowing into a device where as marijuana has to be taken by a urine, blood or hair test.  So, once you find out the person was drunk they usually do not take the next step in knowing if they were high as well.

Yes, marijuana puts some people in a state of relaxation and the person usually sits in the house when doing it. But that also is because marijuana is not legalized everywhere, so you can not just hang out in the bars smoking away then get into a motorized vehicle to drive off. Also, from experience and other’s testimony, marijuana does not make everyone feel relaxed.  some people become paranoid and act out of character while smoking weed.

It is a drug that is not for everyone but by legalizing marijuana, it gives everyone the ok to do it regardless.  When you are allowed to do certain things people tend to take advantage of it and become reckless doing it.

By keeping a law in place to not allowed to do certain drugs in the NFL helps keep the structure of athletes.

Yes, just like Cromartie said “players will do it anyway” is true and they keep it in secrecy and manage it well enough to not give the league a reason to test them.  In a way  having structure in blocking the legal use of smoking marijuana helps the athlete as well.

Right now the athlete may smoke just enough to function but when you take off the band that athlete may “smoke themselves stupid” because there is no limitations.

If smoking marijuana is that important then use RESPONSIBLY!


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