Shelle Knows:Joey Porter Returns To The Steelers


Look who came back to the burgh (Pittsburgh) to join the Steelers again. Well this time Joey Porter will be returning as an assistant defensive coach this time around. After 14 years of being in the league, this will be Porters first year as a NFL coach.

“We are excited about having Joey back with the Steelers’ family,” said Head Coach Mike Tomlin. “Joey spent a number of years with Pittsburgh as a player, and now he’s back to assist the coaching staff. We look forward to his efforts and contributions.”

I think it is a great selection for the Steelers as Porter did win a Super bowl with the team and was seen as a great player. His career took a nose dive in my opinion when ge left the Steelers and went to the Dolphins but coming back to the Steeler team would be a great fit. Porter could only make the Steelers defense stronger.
My concern is what moves will be madento make the offense more effective? We shall see soon.


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