Shelle Knows: Believe

legrand-believeI just wanted to give you guys a little inspiration this week.  Some of you may remember the story of Eric LeGrand, a football player at Rutgers University who was injured in 2010 that left him paralyzed from the neck down.  The doctors told his mother that there was a 0-5% chance of any movement or to even breathe on his own.  LeGrand must have known something different because he shattered that predicament as within three years he has not only been able to breath on his own but he has regained movement in his shoulders, wrist and finger tips.

LeGrand was suddenly hit with this adversity going from an excellent independent football player to needed help to do everything, even as small as wiping his eye.

Many times we take these little things for granted and when they are taken away we would do anything to get them back.  This statement is true with being independent, being in a relationship, with a job, having family and friends ect.

You do not realized what you’re missing until it is gone.

But LeGrand never let that break his spirit. He set a vision in his head to walk again and has been working hard to get to that point while helping others in wheelchairs to have the same faith.  It is amazing how God work ALL THE TIME! LeGrand was still able to accomplish so many more things with having to depend on others help than anyone who has all mobility has been able to do on his own,  Even with me reflecting on this story I am realizing there are the many lesson to be learned from this.

One of them being, you can not always achieve greatness on your own.

It is OK to get help no matter how bad you want to do it on your own.

Also, even through all the trails and tribulations LeGrand has faced his vision stayed the same.  This past week I learned in a sermon that God will let the devil attack your vision as a test to see if your strong enough to grow with your vision.  If not then he will keep you in one place but if he sees that Satan could not knock you down then he will let you grow because you are then ready.

LeGrand could have given up on life right when the doctors said he will never walk again.

Instead he chose to keep pressing on by not giving up and keeps pushing on to being able to walk again.

LeGrand has had his Rutgers jersey retired and received an NFL contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. How awesome is that? Even as he sits in a wheelchair he has been able to fulfill his dream to become a professional football player. God knew he was strong enough to grow.

Do not take nothing or no one for granted, keep working towards your vision, and keep the faith.

This video below will show you his full story of his journey and how football made him and continues to build him even after his injury.


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