Shelle Knows: Floyd Mayweather Struggles To Read (Audio)

This all started when Floyd Mayweather did an interview where he commented about how rappers come and go but he is still around.  The media titled the interview as if he was taking shots at Nelly, T.I. and 50 cent but Mayweather mentioned no names.

So, 50 cent being the funny character he is uploaded a couple of videos via instagram challenging Floyd to a ESL challenge. Saying that 50 cent would donate to a charity of Mayweather’s choice if he could read a full-page out of the Harry Potter book. The 50 cent took it one step further and said Jimmy Kimmel will air it on his show and since Harry Potter may be too challenging then he can read Cat In The Hat.

That then opened up the conversation to ask if Floyd could read or not.

The next morning on Power 105 Breakfast Club they too had the same question. So Charlemagne, a radio host who goes by cthagod did some research and found footage of when Floyd was at the station for an interview and was asked to record some drops. For those of you not familiar with what drops are, they are promotional scripts that artist are asked to read so that the station can use.

Well cthagod found some clips of Mayweather struggling to read the drops and it sounds as if he never passed first grade. Take a listen below.


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