Shelle Knows: The Paul George NBA Rule

Paul George laying on the court after his leg breaking injury

Looks like Paul George’s injury has help pass a new NBA rule which is being referred to as the “Paul George Rule. ” This time it is in regards to the photographers and spacing on the floor. As most may know, Paul George suffered a freak accident during a USA scrimmage game where his leg broke because of the limited amount of out-of-bound space. This forced the league into coming up with a rule that may limit future freak accidents from happening by not having as many photographers crowding the floor area as well.

The new regulations, calling for an extra foot of open space on both sides of the basket stanchion, were sent to teams Tuesday by league president of operations Rod Thorn in a memo that was obtained by The Associated Press.

The “escape lanes,” the unoccupied area on either side of the stanchion to the closest photographer spot, will increase to 4 feet. Only 20 camera positions, 10 on each baseline, will remain, down from 40 during the 2010-11 regular season.


President of league operations Rod Thorn said the NBA was already planning to make the changes before the Paul George injury, though, the timing certainly seems a little suspect if that’s the case.

At least some good came out of George’s injury.


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