Shelle Knows: The Rise Of Abuse Cases In The NFL

Is abuse the new wave in the NFL this season or is it since one incident was exposed then they all are getting exposed. I am sure everyone has heard about the three recent incidents with Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Ray McDonald. For a quick recap, Rice was caught on camera hitting his then fiancé, Peterson was arrested for beating his four-year old son and McDonald was accused for abusing his pregnant girlfriend.

All three of these players are currently facing suspensions and two are facing pending charges for their actions as well.

What I would like to know is why all of a sudden is this new the wave of charges that is being handed out in the NFL. I feel like a couple of months ago it was the enhancement drug cases and now it’s the abuse cases.

Each player in the NFL signs a code of conduct contract and also agrees to the terms of substance abuse. When do the players get to the point where they feel as if they shouldn’t uphold to these standards that they agree upon? With that same thought a contract for your job should not be the reason why you should not abuse others or use illegal substance.

Beating a woman should never happen. Beating a 4-year-old child with a whip should never happen. Many can argue about how men can be provoked and children need discipline which is both true but I feel as if those are last results.

Ray Rice

In regards to the Rice situation there were many of opportunities to walk away. If he felt as if he was being attacked that night before getting on the elevator then why even get on the elevator. What satisfaction did he get from almost killing his then fiancé? He may have not meant to hit her as hard as he did but he had no remorse after he knocked her out. He dragged her body like she meant nothing to him. So I believe the lack of remorse is what cost him his job rather than the actual action. I feel as if he would have reacted better then he would have not have gotten such a harsh back lash.

Ray McDonald

Ray McDonald, who is the star player for the San Francisco 49ers, story that was just released about him beating his pregnant fiancé. He was arrested after his birthday party for allegedly abusing his fiancé. Some may expect his punishment to be harsher than Rice because she was pregnant too but the difference is that there is no video proof. I believe this story would have got blown over if the explosion of the Rice case never happened. You would have heard allegations but eventually it would have went away.


Adrian Peterson

The case with the Minnesota’s Vikings player Adrian Peterson beating his 4-year-old son is a little tricky only because some discipline their children differently. At the age of four, I don’t believe that switches should be used but a good ole fashion spanking to discipline a child can be used. Sometime time outs and slap on the hands do not work for children who test their parent’s authorities. I feel as if Peterson should have chosen to use the hand to bottom beating technique if that makes it better, but to use a switch is harsh for a four-year old. None the less I do not think those are grounds for suspension with the league.

Once again all because the Rice issue was not handled well then every incident that happens now will be put under a microscope.

Moral of this story is take that one more second to think before you react because there will always be a harsher punishment if you chose the wrong reaction.


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