Shelle Knows: Florida State QB Jameis Winston Suspended First Half Of Game For Sexual Comment

Jameis Winston

Here we go again!

So some of you may have come across the popular video that went viral about the guy who grabs the mic and scream “F*** her right in the P****. Well I guess Jameis Winston felt that he would entertain those in the FSU cafeteria and say the same thing while standing on the table. Of course if this was a regular student at the university it would not have been heard of but Winston isn’t your average student.

This is the Heisman winner; star QB for a highly profiled school. Not to mention he just beat rape charges last season and was caught stealing crab legs from a local grocery store. Doing this was not anything major but it is not a good look for someone who was accused of rape at the university before.

Once Winston understands that his simple actions are being monitored and ridiculed then he will make better decisions. He is only 20 years old but when you become a public figure you have to mature a little faster than your average person if you want to be a success.

In result to this action Winston will be suspended for the first half vs. Clemson on Saturday.


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