Hear Me Now?

dreadStop Talking…

One thing that I have always done is listened.  No matter who I am talking to I listen.  I listen so much that is actually gives someone else their answer without me even having to say a word.

People need someone who will listen and most people need to learn how to listen.

Everyone who knows me knows that communication is a big deal for me. As it probably is for you too.

I have my degree in Communications Studies so yes I am obsessed with being able to communicate effectively with others.

Now unfortunately even though I like to keep great communication in all types of relationships it is still hard for me to be transparent.  I keep a guard up at all times but writing gives me that out.

I rather listen to someone else all day instead of sharing my personal thoughts because honestly I feel like they listen but do not hear me.  I feel like they already have a calculated response in their head about what to say to me. Along the lines of “your a mess” “I feel you” girlll yaasss” you know one of those Ima act like I care and give you a ratchet response I think you want to hear type of response. Like I get blown off for the most part because you feel I don’t have real issues or I can handle it.

Well truth of the matter is I’m tired of having to handle it.  All I ask is that you listen. Not switch the subject back to you or take control of the conversation of where you want to take it.  If you feel like you do not have an answer or good advice then really just listen and hold a conversation but do not make it all about you again because 2 sec later I find myself discussing what you going through.

I know some are reading this thinking “do I do that” “ ooo I do that” or “ oh I don’t do that” when the fact of the matter is we have probably all did it unconsciously but now it is time to be conscious.

It is time to pay attention.  It is time for us to take responsibility as to how we treat our peers and friends. We are all screaming for help in all different ways that aren’t always vocal but no one is listening!

Yes, we all have that ex that we ignore and that annoying person who we just do not want to deal with but if they ever reach out to you in a positive manner or you feel like they may need someone to talk to. Put your ego to the side and do not ignore them.

Now I am not saying you have to do this because I def have a couple people who will never get a response from me …Ever lol but they made that bed so I make sure they lay in it by  tucking them in to sleep well for eternity and will not entertain them any longer.

But back to listening…lol

Just stop talking and hear what people are talking about. Even when you think they want an answer, most of the time they just want you to respond to carry on the conversation to bring them to a better place.  That is usually why that person felt like they could trust you with their feelings in the first place.

I share this with you not to sympathize for me but to help you sympathize to others.

Thanks for listening…


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