Shelle Knows: NOT Living By The Book….

Hey All,

This will not be another blog about how to live your life.  I am not a life expert. My life is so far from perfect and I do not event care to try to fix your life to be honest.  I just want to share my thoughts and whatever you get from it then you’re welcome!

Ok so this past week I went on vacation, witnessed KD go off on Lebron, seen a promo for a show called “Side Chicks of Charlotte” and went to work.  None of this has anything to do with what I am about to share with you. I am just catching you up on my life.

Now let’s get to the good stuff. I am a 28 year old female who looks younger but feels older. Lord help me! I have made many mistakes in my life that have not been life changing, thankfully, but I also think I have been playing it safe too.

Real quick…”Can you play it safe and still live life to the fullest?” And yes I would really like an answer. I struggle with that sometimes.

Anyways, I listen to all the obstacles and stories from my friends, associates, peers and wonder why in the world they made those decisions.  Why even put yourself in that situation to begin with? Could you be this awesome person still if you chose not to do those things or is those obstacles what made you into the person you are?

Lots of rhetorical questions to say the least. I think these things over and over with no answer or resolution. Maybe because there isn’t one. I have lived my life by this imaginary book where there was only one path to take and there is only a right and wrong decision you can make. I did not stop to think, who in the hell wrote this guideline to life I was following for the past 28 years?

Do not get me wrong, there are definitely rights and wrongs but there is no one way to live your life.  Successful people come from all different paths and backgrounds as well as poor people.  There is no one path that will work for everyone.  Some need a slower route, some need a fast route and some just get air lifted to their destination.  You have to be mindful and do what works for you and always be yourself through the process, no matter if it is with your career, marriage, or building relationships.

Here is a little food for thought:

                Be yourself. Whether you are weird, bold, great, shy, religious, passionate, or all of the above. Just be you. I have always been LaShelle no matter how loud they say I am, and how out there I may be, I am me and people love me and I am sure there are some that do not but trying to please everyone is not what you are here for.  People will appreciate you for being you more than trying to be whom you think they want you to be.  Be honest with yourself first.  Being you will also attract the person that is supposed to be around you. Opposites attract because the energy you give may be the energy they lack and fills the void.  Ok I’m done.

Now where did this epiphany come from you may ask?

Well I recently came across a situation that involved me thinking about what next steps to take in my life.  The only problem is I am so used to what I thought my life should look like and what is expected of me to look like, that I was willing to throw a potentially good thing out of the window to keep that image. At that moment I had to throw the book of life out the window instead but I still made sure I kept my standard, morals and integrity intact.  No situation should make you feel like you have lost any of that.  If so then back track and get it together. In this particular situation that has allowed me to venture down this road of living more freely it is definitely the challenge that I need but surely did not for see coming.

Moving forward I am going to be more open minded to situations. I am willing to be patient with my life. I stated in the beginning of this blog that I am a 28 year old that looks younger but feels older.  I want to become that 28 year old that never ages but gets wiser, more adventurous and always stays courageous.

Be Open. Be Smart. Be YOU! Live a little…


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