All About Me!

Hello there!!  Here you will find all you need to know about the latest action , news and gossip in the world of SPORTS! Stay tuned and follow me daily on what type of events could be happening near you!

Snapshot_20130614_4I’m your host LaShelle T. Ralph.  Let me share with you a little more about me. I grew up on the North Side of Pittsburgh, PA. Yes, the City of Champions and the home of Steeler Country.  My passion for sports started as a young child as I grew up under 3 brothers that were heavily involved in sports. My brothers played baseball, football and basketball. All while I cheered them on from the bleachers. Just by observing for years I began to learn the different games. As I attended Schenley high school I joined the cheerleading squad and became the captain of the squad my senior year. My passion for sports grew as I finished high school and entered into college.  I then became the athletic manager for Robert Morris University. I assisted all the fall sports in setting up, breaking down, and worked during the practices.  I had the opportunity to talk with different coaches and observe from the field.  I was never the one who could play the sport very well but I could tell you everything about it.

Besides having a passion for sports. I also have a passion in  helping others. While I worked as the athletic manager, I also worked as a freshman mentor. Being a mentor, I helped the freshman transition from high school to college.  I acted as a role model for them so they can have someone to look up to with their journey in college.

Having a passion for sports and helping others birthed this wonderful blog. I wanted to create a way to help those involved in sports and/ or to introduce something new to someone looking for something to do.  Many times athletes have said that sports saved their lives. Going to practice kept their focus instead of getting into trouble. So if I can continue to promote different ideas and write a suggestive script through blogging to help someone then I will do just that.

  Let me help you in over coming you obstacles. Let me guide you in a direction that can turn into a career. This is not all about getting involved in sports but using sports as an example to illustrate how to deal with advancements and situations in LIFE.



2 thoughts on “All About Me!

  1. I read your story/ information regarding Cal U student Christina. I will try and think of a fundraiser to aid her. I am a staff member at Cal U. The information was very informative. Thank You. Julie

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