Shelle Knows: Julius Randle Breaks Leg In The First Game Of The Season

Julius Randle being taken off the court on a stretcher after breaking his right leg.

The NBA started the 2014-2015 season Tuesday October 28th 2014 with some great matchups. The Lakers hosted the Rockets at the Staples Center. The Lakers not only lost the game but also lost their top draft pick Julius Randle to a broken leg. Lakers rookie forward Julius Randle, the team’s top draft choice in June, broke his right leg midway through the fourth quarter of Tuesday night’s 108-90 loss to the Houston Rockets.

ESPN reported that Randle, the 19-year-old former University of Kentucky standout who was selected seventh overall in June, was driving to the basket when his right foot buckled and he collapsed on the court. Scott said he was told that other players heard a “pop” when Randle went down.

As the crowd went silent the Lakers veteran, Kobe Bryant went over to comfort Randle as he was laying there grabbing his leg.

“Even for myself, being a veteran and dealing with something like this, it’s tough,” said Bryant, who missed most of last season with two major injuries. “For him being a 19-year-old kid, it’s tough. That’s what we’re here for. We’re here to pick him up and take it day by day.”

In all my years of watching basketball I have never seen such common injury of a broken leg happen. It started with Kevin Ware, Paul George and now Julius Randle all in the 4th quarter of their games.

Bryant added that breaking your leg is a “fluke” injury.

“There’s nothing you can do about that. He worked extremely hard, he trained extremely hard. Then something like this happens, so you’ve kind of got to give yourself up to that and control what you can control, and what happens, happens. And now it’s on him to control how he handles this.”

The next morning Paul George tweeted Randle with some encouraging words letting him know to “trust the process” since he is going through the same thing as well.

Losing Randle is will affect the Lakers early on as it is hard to rebuild a franchise when you lose the top draft pick. We will see the steps the Lakers take from here.



Shelle Knows Personal Blog: Consistency and Communication Duhhhhh

Don’t you hate when you meet someone new who you are actually attracted to but never get to actually know. Let me explain. My friends and I seem to deal with this a lot.( Kinda sounds pitiful Yikes!) So this is what made me come to the assumption that this is how it is.

You come across a guy or gal who seems to spark you interest. At that moment you exchange laughs, touches and of course numbers. (If you do not get the number then you never had a chance) Anyways, from that point you begin to text one another to get to know each other. The first time texting is usually the best of times. You do the same old “get to know you questions.” The texts are exchanged quickly and everyone is happy. This stage might last for the first couple of days. You can never be too sure though. As the days pass then so does the communication with each other. See with me, I will not continue to text you first because I need to see if you actually think enough about me to keep me interested. If you do not then I know not to waste my time with you. Here is where the consistency comes into play.

Is it that hard to be consistent if you claim you are interested? A phone call, a text, a simple hey just thinking of you can keep someone interested. But no, that’s not how it always goes right. Instead things get confusing and awkward as to if you should even still try to talk to this person. Consistency and Communication work hand in hand. There really isn’t any scientific method to do either it is just the matter of DOING IT.

How can someone get to know a person who doesn’t have a consistent conversation with the other? How will you know the persons likes, dislikes and uniqueness if all you all can get to is “WYD” “How you doing” and That’s cool.” There is no substance in that conversation. Where is the Introduction Body and Conclusion? Yes this just doesn’t apply to writing an essay but in everything that needs structure. Like communication.

Let’s make this simple. If you are interested in someone talk to them daily. Show them that talking to them isn’t a waste of time and say more than WYD. Start a conversation with substance and let it take its course from there.

Now if you choose to take the non-consistent route then I’m pretty sure you will lose the attention of someone OR you will get someone who is crazy. They may not have been crazy at first but your lack of consistency has turned them crazy and now they are constantly trying to get your attention. Then you are stuck with a crazy guy or gal which you definitely deserve at this point.

If you are reading this and thinking hmmm maybe I should text him or her, then DO IT. Because they are probably sitting there wondering if this situation YALL are in will get anywhere. And to those of you who just got the number for “late night pleasure” then let that be known because it will save you a lot of annoying conversation and wasted time because there is nothing worse than 2 people on 2 different pages. Ya know!

So remember Consistency and Communication. It’s Just that SIMPLE.

Shelle Knows: D Wade and Now Mrs.Gabrielle Union-Wade

Mr and Mrs. Wade

Over the weekend Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade tied the knot in a beautiful location that even the guest were surprised to arrive at. Saturday Aug 30, 2014, Union and Wade were married at the stunning Chateau Artisan castle in a black-and-white themed affair. The men guest wore black tuxedo’s with a gifted bow tie by wade and the ladies wore white gowns. Union also wore a white gown in which was designed by Dennis Basso gown from Kleinfeld Bridal.

Many of the details for the big day were decided by the groom, Union revealed to Ellen DeGeneres this past February.

“Secretly this is his princess moment,” she joked of her love’s wedding planning joy. “He has waited for this for a long time. He’s been hoarding bridal magazines. He’s very ready… Every aspect — aspects I didn’t even know went into wedding planning — he is on. To have a centerpiece or not have a centerpiece? He has very strong opinions. No centerpieces. Who cares? He does!”

Wade Family

Carmelo and Lala Anthony

We do know that John Legend sang at the wedding with his signature melody “All of Me.” There were not may pictures released from the wedding as the bride and groom made sure of and revealed a couple of pictures of their own. There were a lot of high-profile guest like athletes , colleagues, artist, actresses and actors.

This is the second marriage for Wade, who was previously married to his high school sweetheart Siohvaughn Funches from 2002 to 2007. It is also Union’s second marriage, as she was wed to NFL player Chris Howard from 2001 to 2005.

It is so nice to see black love come together no matter the break up, hard trials or busy schedule. Love in this case trumps everything and I wish them many years of love.

Shelle Knows: The Paul George NBA Rule

Paul George laying on the court after his leg breaking injury

Looks like Paul George’s injury has help pass a new NBA rule which is being referred to as the “Paul George Rule. ” This time it is in regards to the photographers and spacing on the floor. As most may know, Paul George suffered a freak accident during a USA scrimmage game where his leg broke because of the limited amount of out-of-bound space. This forced the league into coming up with a rule that may limit future freak accidents from happening by not having as many photographers crowding the floor area as well.

The new regulations, calling for an extra foot of open space on both sides of the basket stanchion, were sent to teams Tuesday by league president of operations Rod Thorn in a memo that was obtained by The Associated Press.

The “escape lanes,” the unoccupied area on either side of the stanchion to the closest photographer spot, will increase to 4 feet. Only 20 camera positions, 10 on each baseline, will remain, down from 40 during the 2010-11 regular season.


President of league operations Rod Thorn said the NBA was already planning to make the changes before the Paul George injury, though, the timing certainly seems a little suspect if that’s the case.

At least some good came out of George’s injury.

Shelle Knows:NBA Player Lance Stephenson Can Actually Rap


Many of you know him as former Indiana Pacer or ear blower but never thought to refer to him as a rapper. Lance Stephenson who has now signed with the Charlotte Hornets has put together a remix over the Schmurda Hott Nigga track. In the song he mentions his hard up-bringing, his dad keeping him out the streets, the pacers and new teammate Kemba.
He sounds pretty good. Take a listen.

Lance Stephenson – Hot Nigga (Freestyle)

Shelle Knows: Calling all Athletes and Parents of Athletes

Hello Shelle Knows Supporters,

I want to start highlighting different athletes and promote/celebrate their talents. As some may know “Shelle Knows” is my blog that contains everything about sports. With that being said I would like to showcase your talents and give you an opportunity to have a broader audience see your skills. Every week I will choose different athletes to promote and post on my site. All you have to do is send me a clip of your highlight tape or pictures and a mini bio about yourself. Parents you can do this for your child as well. The highlight tape has to be a link that can be sent via email and the mini bio will include the sport, athletes name, school, height, weight, city/state, a picture and position they play, (you can include average stats as well). All ages, genders and sports are welcomed!

To submit, email me at with the subject “Shelle Knows Athletes.”

Shelle Knows: Who’s To Blame For Steelers Loss

Blount and Bell

Thursday night the Steelers took the field against the Eagles in Philadelphia and gave a below standard performance. The Eagles beat the Steelers 31-21 in the third preseason game. This loss comes right after two Steelers running back were charged with possession of marijuana the day before.

According to police, an officer found a 20-gram bag of marijuana Wednesday afternoon in a car driven by Bell, with Blount and a woman riding as passengers. Bell is to be cited for driving under the influence of marijuana and all three are to be cited for marijuana possession, according to police, with official notification of the misdemeanor charges expected to come by mail.

Bell and Blount did apologize for their actions as it caused a huge distraction away from the actual Thursday night game.

“I’m sorry for the distraction that I caused my team,” said Blount, who led the Steelers with 32 rushing yards on seven carries. “I just want to apologize to my team and my coach and my organization for causing that distraction.”

Bell and Blount stretching before Thursday night’s game

Tomlin opened himself up to criticism by playing Bell and Blount in the final preseason game in which the regulars see extended duty. The eighth-year coach, however, didn’t give serious consideration to not playing Bell and Blount.

“I didn’t view it as punishment to send them home, to not play in this preseason game,” Tomlin said. “I’d rather play them more than anticipated than to remove them from the game, so that’s why we took the stance we took tonight. Obviously we’ve got some things to do regarding the matter moving forward but not a lot to say at this point and time.”

Of course the NFL will investigate the charges and each player can be suspended 1-4 regular season games. Then it is up to the Steelers organization to what actions they will take after that punishment as well.

Coach Tomlin did not blame the distraction of the two players on their poor performance.

“We’re not gonna make an excuse for that performance. We’re gonna own that. What happened [Wednesday] or whatever had nothing to do with how we performed tonight.”

Watching the past three preseason games did not give me as a Steelers fan hope for a winning season. Hopefully they will work out the kinks but judging from the previous games they need more talent on the roster.