Shelle Knows: Julius Randle Breaks Leg In The First Game Of The Season

Julius Randle being taken off the court on a stretcher after breaking his right leg.

The NBA started the 2014-2015 season Tuesday October 28th 2014 with some great matchups. The Lakers hosted the Rockets at the Staples Center. The Lakers not only lost the game but also lost their top draft pick Julius Randle to a broken leg. Lakers rookie forward Julius Randle, the team’s top draft choice in June, broke his right leg midway through the fourth quarter of Tuesday night’s 108-90 loss to the Houston Rockets.

ESPN reported that Randle, the 19-year-old former University of Kentucky standout who was selected seventh overall in June, was driving to the basket when his right foot buckled and he collapsed on the court. Scott said he was told that other players heard a “pop” when Randle went down.

As the crowd went silent the Lakers veteran, Kobe Bryant went over to comfort Randle as he was laying there grabbing his leg.

“Even for myself, being a veteran and dealing with something like this, it’s tough,” said Bryant, who missed most of last season with two major injuries. “For him being a 19-year-old kid, it’s tough. That’s what we’re here for. We’re here to pick him up and take it day by day.”

In all my years of watching basketball I have never seen such common injury of a broken leg happen. It started with Kevin Ware, Paul George and now Julius Randle all in the 4th quarter of their games.

Bryant added that breaking your leg is a “fluke” injury.

“There’s nothing you can do about that. He worked extremely hard, he trained extremely hard. Then something like this happens, so you’ve kind of got to give yourself up to that and control what you can control, and what happens, happens. And now it’s on him to control how he handles this.”

The next morning Paul George tweeted Randle with some encouraging words letting him know to “trust the process” since he is going through the same thing as well.

Losing Randle is will affect the Lakers early on as it is hard to rebuild a franchise when you lose the top draft pick. We will see the steps the Lakers take from here.



Shelle Knows: Predictions & Secrets

2014-01-31 09.16.54Hello SK readers!

Yesterday I posted on my social sites for my followers to ask me any questions they had for me or about me. Either I am not that interesting to know about or I am not that “famous” in social media to be taken “seriously,” but you all left me no questions to answer. Just because you did not ask my anything does not mean I am not about to give you all something dope to read anyway! Pay attention as I’ll give you my thoughts on different topics and I will also share with you a small secret about myself!

Let’s start off with my thoughts on the 2014 SUPER BOWL game this Sunday, Feb 2nd.

Now is my favorite team (Pittsburgh Steelers) in the Super Bowl this year?

No, so why should I care right?

Oh but I do.

The media does such a good job with focusing in on one topic to headline for big games like the Super Bowl, that it makes you more interested in watching the game to see the outcome. This year I am excited to see the highlighted match up of Peyton Manning vs. Richard Sherman. Sherman called out Manning in an interview about his passing game and Manning responded by basically saying just watch.

Now questions begin to loom:

Will Manning throw in Sherman’s direction?

Will Richard Sherman make plays to prove he is the best corner in the league right now?

My thoughts, I will say YES to both of those questions. Both of those players will try to prove as to why they are in the Super Bowl on Sunday and I think they will give us a great show.

My predictions? Denver wins…

Now let’s move on to the NBA world.

Right now the talk is about Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and Paul George.  If I was to choose a MVP for this year I would go with either Durant or George. These two players are young and focused on leading their teams this year.  James and Anthony have been putting up points but have not been able to pick their team up as of now.  A lot can change as basketball season is only coming to the half way mark.

It is too early to call what team will be where at the end of the season but I do know that Durant and George are ready for the challenge.

Now it is time to get a little more personal.

Guys love to say how they want a girl who they can watch sports with.  Well that may be true, but I have never seen a guy pass up on a beautiful female who does not know a thing about sports though.

I think men want to be able to hang with their girlfriend or wife like they do with their friends and sports is usually a common ground.  They honestly want a female to be like the guys in female form.  They find it sexy to play video games, play sports, watch sports, and talk sports, while you in a nice pair of leggings and hair done looking all dolled up.

I guess I just described myself. So why am I single out here?

Something just is not right! (sarcasm)

Ok, so most of you THINK you know about me but there are a lot of things that you may not know. So here is a secret about me that I will share with you. I have never been in a real relationship. Yes, I have had guy friends and have been in these so-called “situationships” but I have never been in a real relationship! Go figure right?

That’s all that I will drown you with today.

Check back and learn more about what “Shelle Knows”





Shelle Knows: 13 Year Old Boy Dies And His Wish Is To Be On ESPN

Eddie Bugg's

Eddie Bugg’s

Pittsburgh Native Eddie Bugg’s died last month from spinal cancer.  Bugg’s was a 13-year-old high-spirited cancer fighter who loved the game of football along with other sports as well.  After battling cancer at a young age, Bugg’s was in remission before the family found out the cancer spread to his spinal cord in November.  Eddie Bugg’s continued to fight his battle until he passed away December 28, 2013.

Bugg’s was described as having a big smile, big heart, courageous, highly motivated and he was said to have a lot of passion for the game of football.

He did more things in a short time span than most people do their whole life,” said Eddie’s father Michael Knight, “Never would showboat, never would talk smack. He just played.”

This story was brought to my attention by a friend whose younger son was friends with Eddie before he moved from Pittsburgh.

Bugg's wearing the #20 with fellow teamates

Bugg’s wearing the #20 with fellow teammates

Before he passed away Bugg’s always dreamed of being on ESPN.

A fan page was created on Facebook to help create awareness to have Eddie Bugg’s on ESPN.

Also, on twitter you can use the hash tag #GetEddieOnESPN #GetEddieOnSportsCenter #TeamEddieBuggs

I am asking you to please share this story with you friends and family across social media and help this young boy’s dream come true.

Please watch the video below!


Shelle Knows: REAL TALK

Growing up in this day and time it seems like a harsher reality is hitting us only because we are the ones going through it now. As children growing up into adult hood everything seemed to be laid out for us as to how we should live our lives. It was told to us that we have to go to school, learn, pick a profession, practice that profession and excel.

The problem to this is once most of us finished the whole “go to school” thing we went in with an idea as to what we wanted to become and came out totally clueless.  It was easy to say pick a profession until the profession you chose wasn’t getting you anywhere. Next thing you know you become discouraged and frantically searching for something that may work just so you can continue on the upward path and live up to the expectations that others put on you.

Medical school students thrive to become doctors.  Those studying communications thrive to become a journalist, broadcaster, or public speakers. Engineers looking for employment to use the skills they were taught. And athletes looking to pursue a professional career after practicing continuously for years.

The reality of it all is that no matter the career you once yearned for does not mean that will be the career you end up in.  Whether it is a lost of passion, interest, or a development of another interest that made you change routes, there is nothing wrong with going in a different direction than you originally started.

I have seen this happen multiple times with athletes as they hold on to the dream of playing instead of maybe seeing what other outlets could come out of being an athlete.

Many athletes who have gotten the taste of playing professionally and who are no longer in the league tends to see anything with them not playing being a failure; which is not the case. Realistically everyone who has played a sport will not become a professional athlete so when that dream doesn’t happen, that does not mean your time was wasted.  Sports are a game of fundamentals. It builds integrity, strategy, courage, personal and business skills.  You can take what you have learned from playing the game and the experiences you have encountered and use them in another profession; maybe even still  involving sports.

I have seen sports players transition into becoming counselors, broadcasters, business owners, writers and even just well structured people.  It is very common to use things such as playing a sport as a stepping block.  No one says that if you are not a professional athlete at the end of your training then you have failed. No, you are just like those who have studied and when one thing did not  work out, you tried something new.

The most important part of pursuing your dream is knowing that you are not giving up , your just giving it a different try.

We all know the saying “Do something different to get DIFFERENT results.”

Once you realize that you are not giving up on your dream, but simply just taking a different approach, it makes the transition much better in life.

So whether you are a former athlete, writer, counselor, doctor, engineer, teacher, remember anything different from what you initially pursued is not failing but merely just a change of direction to become something greater!

Check out the video below of a former Olympic Swimmer who is making a career transition.


Shelle Knows: A Message To My Readers



Hello Shelle Knows Readers!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and is looking forward to a Happy New Years. Earlier this year I created this sports blog to reach out to my sports lovers and share my thoughts views and opinions on what happens in the sports world.  This year has been great as I have gotten incredible exposure for the year to come.  I wanted to share a little inspiration with all of you for 2014.

This year might have been great for some and a struggle for others. Some of you might even feel stuck, feeling as if you are getting nowhere in life.  All that you may have worked towards and hoped to get by now, may not have happened for you.  Please do not be discouraged or disappointed in yourself. Just because we are transitioning into a new year does not mean your time is up!

Your hopes and dreams have no expiration date.

Look at Derrick Rose for example. He took off a whole year to make sure he recovered 100% from a knee injury he suffered in 2012 and sat out his 2012-2013 season.  Many wondered when he would return and he continued to rehab until he felt he was ready.  Once he did return for his 2013-2014 season everyone was anxious to see how he would play after waiting so long to return.

After a couple of weeks into the season he suffered another knee injury. Talk about feeling defeated and disappointing.  After taking his time and working out to build up his strength to play this season he encountered the same injury that had him out last season.  As bad as he would probably would want to give up and throw in the towel the passion of playing basketball is what keeps him coming back.

Same with Kobe Bryant. His main goal is to win one more championship in the NBA before he retires but his age and injuries are hindering himself from doing just that. Kobe suffered a torn Achilles at the end of the 2012- 2013 season, leaving him to try to rehab quickly in order play his 2013-2014 season.  Kobe returned early December playing his first game against the Toronto Raptures.  He knew that he could not sit a whole season out because he is not getting any younger and he is becoming more prone to injuries. While playing in his 7th  game of the season, Kobe suffered a fracture knee injury and has to sit out for 6 weeks to heal.

Kobe did an interview after both injuries and you heard the frustration in his voice as to how you work so hard for something and there is always a road block in the way.

Well a road block does not mean to stop right there , it just means you may have to take a small detour to get to your destination.

Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose are just a few examples of how many people get knocked down but there love and passion for the game keeps them going.

Just because it is a new year does not mean you can not still go after them same goals you set. Continue to strive for what you want in life and if you are not sure of what that is, then keep trying different things until you find what works for you.

Be in charge of your own success! Turn that disappointment and frustration into MOTIVATION!

Thank You for a wonderful year and I will continue to write, inspire, entertain and take my blog to the next level!


Love, Shelle Knows


Shelle Knows: No Name Lakers

No Name Lakers?

No Name Lakers?

Last night the Lakers played the L.A. Clippers blowing everyone away by beating the Clippers 116-103. The Lakers came into this season with a disappointing reputation from last year but that did not stop the Lakers from making a mark on the season opener. With Kobe Bryant out on injury, Dwight Howard gone to the Houston Rockets and Metta World Peace in New York, the new faces of the Lakers held their own outscoring the well-seasoned starters of the Clippers.

Many are calling the new Laker team as the no name Lakers but last night they sure did make a name for themselves as Clippers head coach, Doc Rivers, could not believe what was happening as the Lakers torched them in the 4th quarter.

“That [Lakers] team heard for four or five months how good we are,” Rivers said. “I told our guys, ‘Tonight we’re fighting human nature. . . . That team is coming after you with everything they have and I don’t know if you can match that.’ And at the end of the day, we did not.”

186259791Last season the Clippers swept the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs and last night Lakers got their revenge. 

During the off-season the Lakers targeted youth and athleticism to add to the team making them able to compete at a high level with other teams.

This is the first game of the season and there are many more to go but the Lakers deserve to celebrate this win as they beat the odds of coming back like they left off last season.

I guess the celebration will not last too long as they head out to Oakland, CA to take on Golden State tonight at 10:30 est.