Shelle Knows: Football Season Is Back!

Well hello Shelle Knows readers. I know I know it has been a while since I have written some bold opinion to go along with the sports news that has been swirling around. The drought is now over as football season is starting this weekend as we enter into training camp!

I want to interact with the readers more so I will do less writing and more reading of what your opinions are this season. Sounds fun right? Well it will be as long as you all participate! I know I will have the Steeler fans participate but I also want to hear what the other NFL team fans have to say about their team this year.

So here is your opportunity to voice your opinions, expectations and assumptions of how the season will go for your team. Leave your comment below and we can have a full out discussion on you all see this season unfolding.



Shelle Knows: This Weeks Best Dunks & Blocks

First up watch the king, Lebron James get denied after he tried to slam in the game winning dunk. Instead he was DENIED.

Now here is a dunk that probably will go down in NCAA history as Young from Kentucky University takes on three UConn players and slams in a dunk.

Shelle Knows: Should Athletes Be Allowed to Use Marijuana

Recently the state of Colorado and Washington has gained attention for legalizing marijuana usage.  On Friday after the Super Bowl press conference the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell reiterated that the league had no plans to change its stance on marijuana usage.

“This has been something that has been asked several times and I’ll try to be as clear as I possibly can: It is still an illegal substance on a national basis,” Goodell said. “It’s something that’s part of our collective bargaining agreement with our players. It’s questionable with respect to the positive impact but there is certainly some very strong evidence to the negative impacts, including addiction and other issues.”

imageJets cornerback,Antonio Cromartie was asked  if the NFL should allow medical marijuana? He replied,

“They need to just let it go,” Cromartie told Ashlee Ray of This Is 50. “[Players] just going to do it anyway. They just need to let it go. They need to go ahead and say, ‘Ya’ll go ahead, smoke it, do what you need to do.”

I do not agree nor disagree with the decision to legalize marijuana but I do see the pros and cons of both sides.  Right now even though I am not in the NFL I know like others there are many people who uses marijuana and have been for a while.  Some put up the debate that marijuana is safer to use than alcohol because when you here of athletes getting in trouble or car crashes alcohol is usually the factor and not marijuana.

Yes, that it true but also the first thing that is tested on site is alcohol by blowing into a device where as marijuana has to be taken by a urine, blood or hair test.  So, once you find out the person was drunk they usually do not take the next step in knowing if they were high as well.

Yes, marijuana puts some people in a state of relaxation and the person usually sits in the house when doing it. But that also is because marijuana is not legalized everywhere, so you can not just hang out in the bars smoking away then get into a motorized vehicle to drive off. Also, from experience and other’s testimony, marijuana does not make everyone feel relaxed.  some people become paranoid and act out of character while smoking weed.

It is a drug that is not for everyone but by legalizing marijuana, it gives everyone the ok to do it regardless.  When you are allowed to do certain things people tend to take advantage of it and become reckless doing it.

By keeping a law in place to not allowed to do certain drugs in the NFL helps keep the structure of athletes.

Yes, just like Cromartie said “players will do it anyway” is true and they keep it in secrecy and manage it well enough to not give the league a reason to test them.  In a way  having structure in blocking the legal use of smoking marijuana helps the athlete as well.

Right now the athlete may smoke just enough to function but when you take off the band that athlete may “smoke themselves stupid” because there is no limitations.

If smoking marijuana is that important then use RESPONSIBLY!

Shelle Knows: Richard Sherman Talking That $#!%

I am sure everyone has seen heard or is aware of the post game interview with Richard Sherman after last nights NFC championship game.  Sherman and the Seahawks fought till the end with the 49ner’s, winning the NFC championship and heading to the Super Bowl.  The game came to a shocking end as 49ner’s quaterback Kaepernick threw a pass to receiver Crabtree in the end zone and was broken up by the Seahawks corner Sherman that lead to a pick by his teammate sending the 49ner’s home.

Even though that play was shocking and interesting that was not the highlight of the night.

The highlight was what happened right after the play as Sherman came up behind Crabtree giving him a good job pat on the butt and Crabtree did not respond well to that and mushed Sherman in the face.

During the post game interview when Sherman was asked to describe the final play he responded in a totally different shocking manner. I found the video quick humorous as the game is about competition and he expressed exactly how he felt.  It was not as bad as people perceived it to be.  No threats were made, nobody was hurt, Sherman just gave a remembrance post game interview.

Football has become so soft! Football is a competitive sport! What is wrong with talking smack and doing the “choke signal” in a game? Are we worried about hurt feelings? It was one play! Sherman did not taunt and act out the whole game. Sherman reacted to a great play he made! The End.

Watch below and tell me what you think of the post game interview. Also, below is Crabtree’s response.

Shelle Knows: 13 Year Old Boy Dies And His Wish Is To Be On ESPN

Eddie Bugg's

Eddie Bugg’s

Pittsburgh Native Eddie Bugg’s died last month from spinal cancer.  Bugg’s was a 13-year-old high-spirited cancer fighter who loved the game of football along with other sports as well.  After battling cancer at a young age, Bugg’s was in remission before the family found out the cancer spread to his spinal cord in November.  Eddie Bugg’s continued to fight his battle until he passed away December 28, 2013.

Bugg’s was described as having a big smile, big heart, courageous, highly motivated and he was said to have a lot of passion for the game of football.

He did more things in a short time span than most people do their whole life,” said Eddie’s father Michael Knight, “Never would showboat, never would talk smack. He just played.”

This story was brought to my attention by a friend whose younger son was friends with Eddie before he moved from Pittsburgh.

Bugg's wearing the #20 with fellow teamates

Bugg’s wearing the #20 with fellow teammates

Before he passed away Bugg’s always dreamed of being on ESPN.

A fan page was created on Facebook to help create awareness to have Eddie Bugg’s on ESPN.

Also, on twitter you can use the hash tag #GetEddieOnESPN #GetEddieOnSportsCenter #TeamEddieBuggs

I am asking you to please share this story with you friends and family across social media and help this young boy’s dream come true.

Please watch the video below!


Shelle Knows: What’s Happening In Pittsburgh

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the new year as Shelle Knows continues to keep you updated on the events and news that is happening in the city of Pittsburgh!


Pittsburgh Hockey Expo
Come celebrate the history of hockey in Pittsburgh New and Game Used Equipment Sale Olli …
01/04 Saturday 10:00 am to  5:00 pm

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Game Night – Love Attack Theatre Style
Join Attack Theatre on February 7th and May 16th at their Strip District headquarters …
01/07 Tuesday 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm
Attack Theatre , Pittsburgh PA

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Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon Kick-Off Training Run
Jump start your training for the Pittsburgh Marathon with a training run hosted by …
01/04 Saturday 8:00 am

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Fordham Rams at Duquesne Dukes Basketball
01/08 Wednesday 7:00 pm
A.J. Palumbo Center , Pittsburgh PA
Featuring: Fordham Rams

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Bird beaks vary in size, shape and color, and while their most well-known use is …
01/03 Friday 11:00 am (repeats 113 times)
National Aviary , Pittsburgh PA

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Women’s Basketball:Penn State-Altoona at Carnegie Mellon
Women’s Basketball Penn State-Altoona at Carnegie Mellon
01/04 Saturday 2:00 pm

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Shelle Knows: Mike Wallace Shares His Thoughts On Bullying In The Miami Dolphin Locker Room

For the past couple days the talk of the NFL has been about the bullying that took place in the Miami Dolphin organization.  Wide receiver for the Dolphins, Mike Wallace said:

“I know both of those guys personally. I like both of them, I love Richie. I think he’s a great guy. I don’t think he was out of hand. I have a lot of respect for Richie. I wish he was here.”

Below is a video of star player Mike Wallace sharing his views about both parties involved in the bullying altercation that lead to Martin taking a leave of absence and Incognito being suspended indefinitely.