Shelle Knows: Steelers Fans Monday Blues


Here we go again. Just when we thought the Steelers found their mojo they lose it. Coming off of last weeks win against the Panthers on the road, I am sure the Steelers fans thought they were on the right track. Especially since they were facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who happens to have the worst record in the NFL. This is the same team who was embarrassed on Thursday Night Football last week against the Atlanta Falcons.
So you would think that the Steelers would be able to take on the Buccs no problem right?
Well the game was a great game as Antonio Brown scored twice along with a touchdown from Heath Miller. Even with that the Buccs were still lurking close behind. I am sure the multiple 15yard penalties and missed kick gave the Buccs some room for a comeback. With the score at 24-20 with 54 seconds left on the clock, the Buccs had the ball after a short punt return.
The Buccs ran over the Steelers defense and scored leaving the Steelers with 7seconds on the clock.
At this moment every Steelers fan new this was the end of the game. Instead of going for a hail marry, the Steelers decided to play hopscotch with the football and ended the game with a Big Ben sack.

This left every fan in disbelief as to how you can be winning the whole game and lose it all with 54 seconds left against the worst team in the NFL.
Then here comes the Monday Steelers blues in the city. The office is quiet. There is an unspoken attitude that everyone has but tries not to show unless provoked. It is kind of hilarious how Pitt and the Pirates could lose but the city will only catch the blues when the Steelers lose.
So now it is time to do the blame game. Is the loss in result of the injuries of Ike Taylor and Jarvis Jones? Being that Harrison came back to cover Jarvis Jones absent, I do not feel that is to blame. Maybe it was the defense in all. There seems to be a desperate need of defensive backs and corners. Or is it Todd Hailey’s, the offensive coordinator, fault for the plays that were called at the end of the game? Will Mike Tomlin get blamed as well just for being the head coach?
Whatever the problem is I hope they make a drastic adjustment before next week game or the whole city of Pittsburgh might go on suicide watch (jokes people).


Welcome to The ACC Pittsburgh

dm_130902_ncf_fsu_pitt_sc_highlightLast night many gathered around the TV or poured into Heinz Field to watch Pittsburgh Panthers take on Florida State University.  As I watched from my television it seemed as if the stadium was packed with an equal amount of FSU fans as there was Pitt fans.  The game kicked off at 8:00pm and this was time where many would see how Pitt will transfer from playing in the Big East to the ACC. It seemed to be going well for Pitt in the very first minutes of the first half as Pitt scored the first touchdown setting the stadium on fire.  This gave the fans hope that maybe they could actually have a chance as Pitt scored and started to defend well against FSU.

This theory soon came to a halt as FSU answered back with an easy throw in touchdown.  Winston who is the quarter back for FSU played a great game with only 2 incomplete passes and throwing 4 touchdowns and ran in a touchdown himself.  FSU simply dismantled the Panthers 41-13 last night and left everyone wondering if Pitt can survive in the ACC.

Pitt missed a lot of tackles, could not hold the line and the quarter back Savage threw two interceptions adding to the other turnover. These mistakes lead Pitt to such a devastating loss.  But there was some highlights for Pitt including the university retiring Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals number last night at PItt.

All in all this was not a great season opener of Pitt and if they want to be able to have a winning season they may need to go back to the drawing boards and see how they can do better.



Today marked the first day for the NCAA Tournament! Starting from early this afternoon until tonight games will be played and #upsets will happen. Earlier today Pitt lost first round against Wichita. Which seems to be a total shock to fans but for me I did not expect them to win. Watching Pitt through the years, they have always been an inconsistent team in my opinion. Even if they came away with the win, it was never a blow out. So, maybe a new coach is in the plans for this team.

St. Mary’s played Memphis today but fell short of the win. St. Mary’s put up a good fight against Memphis as they were one 3 point play away from an upset in the final seconds. St.Mary’s comeback would have been one for the history books but they could not pull off the win.
Another close game was Southern against Gonzaga. Gonzaga managed to hold off Southern late in the 2nd half to win overall by 6 points. This game was supposed to be a blow out against Southern but thats what so special about #Marchmadness anything can happen!
Stay tuned to your local listings to see who else will be playing tonight in the NCAA Tournament and let me know your thoughts!