Shelle Knows : Steelers Slip To Third In The AFC Northern Division


Look at how fast the tables can turn. Steeler fans watched thre their team slip out of the number one spot down to the third behind the Cincinnati Bengals at second and the Cleveland Browns at the number one spot.
The New York Jets who came into today’s game being one and eight, broke their losing streak by beating the Steelers who were six and three. The Steelers came into this game on a high as they beat their last two components by more than two possessions. Some would say that the Steelers are as only as good as their components and from the looks of these last couple of games they may be right.
In today’s game against the Jets the Steelers just couldn’t seem to get into a tempo. Ben Roethlisberger had two interceptions, Antonio Brown had two fumbles and the Jets defense capitalized on the three of the four turnovers. Also the Steelers defense did not show up today as they did in the previous three games.
Needless to say it wasn’t that the Jets were playing that good, it was that the Steelers shot themselves in the foot.
Now that that tragedy is ovet, the Steelers have to find a way to win out the rest of the season to keep in good standing for the playoffs.
As of now the Cleveland Browns are in the number one spot. The Cincinnati Bengals are in the number twospot. The Steelers are hanging in the number 3 spot and the Baltimore Ravens are down in the number 4 spot.
Stay tuned because a lot can change in a week.


Shelle Knows: Steelers Fans Monday Blues


Here we go again. Just when we thought the Steelers found their mojo they lose it. Coming off of last weeks win against the Panthers on the road, I am sure the Steelers fans thought they were on the right track. Especially since they were facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who happens to have the worst record in the NFL. This is the same team who was embarrassed on Thursday Night Football last week against the Atlanta Falcons.
So you would think that the Steelers would be able to take on the Buccs no problem right?
Well the game was a great game as Antonio Brown scored twice along with a touchdown from Heath Miller. Even with that the Buccs were still lurking close behind. I am sure the multiple 15yard penalties and missed kick gave the Buccs some room for a comeback. With the score at 24-20 with 54 seconds left on the clock, the Buccs had the ball after a short punt return.
The Buccs ran over the Steelers defense and scored leaving the Steelers with 7seconds on the clock.
At this moment every Steelers fan new this was the end of the game. Instead of going for a hail marry, the Steelers decided to play hopscotch with the football and ended the game with a Big Ben sack.

This left every fan in disbelief as to how you can be winning the whole game and lose it all with 54 seconds left against the worst team in the NFL.
Then here comes the Monday Steelers blues in the city. The office is quiet. There is an unspoken attitude that everyone has but tries not to show unless provoked. It is kind of hilarious how Pitt and the Pirates could lose but the city will only catch the blues when the Steelers lose.
So now it is time to do the blame game. Is the loss in result of the injuries of Ike Taylor and Jarvis Jones? Being that Harrison came back to cover Jarvis Jones absent, I do not feel that is to blame. Maybe it was the defense in all. There seems to be a desperate need of defensive backs and corners. Or is it Todd Hailey’s, the offensive coordinator, fault for the plays that were called at the end of the game? Will Mike Tomlin get blamed as well just for being the head coach?
Whatever the problem is I hope they make a drastic adjustment before next week game or the whole city of Pittsburgh might go on suicide watch (jokes people).

Shelle Knows: Is There Life After The Steelers?

Ok there are so many domestic and drug use charges that have been back firing on athletes mostly of the African-American race. These charges that they faced in the past are costing them their jobs and I think it has gone too far. People thought that if they made a fuss about Ray rice being treated unfairly then maybe they would give him another chance. But nope, it when the exact opposite way. Now they are releasing everyone with previous charges of violence or drug use. The last two players happen to be former Steelers players.

Then I began to think of what actually happens to former Steelers players that were released. It’s so ironic that the Steelers released them and they moved on to other teams but now their career has been going downhill. Maybe there is no bright life after the Steelers.

Let’s take a look at where these players are now.

Joey Porter: Went to Miami and got hurt. His age caught up to him and now he came back to Pittsburgh to retire and become a defense coach.

Santonio Holmes: Was cut for drug use with Steelers and seem to be doing well with the New York Jets. Until the Jets cut him from the team saying he was a good player but a cancer in the locker room. He is now playing for the Chicago Bears.

Ryan Munday: No real issue with him. He also was released from the Steelers roster in 2013 and joined the New York Giants. Now has been traded to the Chicago Bears as well.

James Harrison: Was cut from the Steelers and went to play for the Cincinnati Bengal’s but actually never seen playing time. He recently came to Pittsburgh to retire a Steelers.

Chris Rainey: Had one hot year with the Steelers until he faced a domestic abuse charge in the off-season. The Steelers decided to release him. He got picked up by the cardinals but was just cut because of his past Domestic abuse charge.

Jonathan Dwyer: Was also released by the Cardinal as he is facing domestic abuse charges.

Isaac Redman: Was released from the team then retired from the NFL due to a spinal cord injury.

Rashard Mendenhall: He was released by the Steelers for disciplinary actions and then got picked up by the Cardinals as well.  He then decided to retire from the NFL in a public manner. He currently is working on writing for a HBO series.  I guess he chose to do something he had more desire for . So a win for him. I just think if he stayed a Steelers then he would still be playing football.

Mike Wallace: He is probably the only one who has life after leaving the Steelers because of the deal he signed with Miami. The only thing that will keep him down is the fact that he as being exposed on the field. They are saying that he is not a talented as people thought he was. Yes he is fast and can go for the deep passes but not useful anywhere else.

I am sure there are more but these are the ones who came to mind when I thought about how people careers became unstable after leaving the Pittsburgh Black and Gold Steelers!

Shelle Knows: Who’s To Blame For Steelers Loss

Blount and Bell

Thursday night the Steelers took the field against the Eagles in Philadelphia and gave a below standard performance. The Eagles beat the Steelers 31-21 in the third preseason game. This loss comes right after two Steelers running back were charged with possession of marijuana the day before.

According to police, an officer found a 20-gram bag of marijuana Wednesday afternoon in a car driven by Bell, with Blount and a woman riding as passengers. Bell is to be cited for driving under the influence of marijuana and all three are to be cited for marijuana possession, according to police, with official notification of the misdemeanor charges expected to come by mail.

Bell and Blount did apologize for their actions as it caused a huge distraction away from the actual Thursday night game.

“I’m sorry for the distraction that I caused my team,” said Blount, who led the Steelers with 32 rushing yards on seven carries. “I just want to apologize to my team and my coach and my organization for causing that distraction.”

Bell and Blount stretching before Thursday night’s game

Tomlin opened himself up to criticism by playing Bell and Blount in the final preseason game in which the regulars see extended duty. The eighth-year coach, however, didn’t give serious consideration to not playing Bell and Blount.

“I didn’t view it as punishment to send them home, to not play in this preseason game,” Tomlin said. “I’d rather play them more than anticipated than to remove them from the game, so that’s why we took the stance we took tonight. Obviously we’ve got some things to do regarding the matter moving forward but not a lot to say at this point and time.”

Of course the NFL will investigate the charges and each player can be suspended 1-4 regular season games. Then it is up to the Steelers organization to what actions they will take after that punishment as well.

Coach Tomlin did not blame the distraction of the two players on their poor performance.

“We’re not gonna make an excuse for that performance. We’re gonna own that. What happened [Wednesday] or whatever had nothing to do with how we performed tonight.”

Watching the past three preseason games did not give me as a Steelers fan hope for a winning season. Hopefully they will work out the kinks but judging from the previous games they need more talent on the roster.

Shelle Knows: Dolphins’ WR Mike Wallace Speaks

WR Mike Wallace being tackled

Remember my favorite Steelers player Mike Wallace who left for a larger contract to play with the Dolphins? Well the money might be right but fans still don’t see where his improvement has come into play.

After having a lack luster 2013-14 season with the Dolphins, Wallace was seen as a waste of money. In last week’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Wallace said he was held on the one deep pass to him. With the new illegal contact penalties being called left and right this preseason it should help Wallace, even though he told the Palm Beach Post the rule do not apply to the Dolphins.

“Not on our team. We don’t get those calls. I don’t know why. That’s not our job to play for calls. We play to play football and make plays. The call, that’s extra.”

Dolphins fans want Wallace to live up to his big contract.

Shelle Knows: Johnny Manziel Of The Cleveland Browns Flips The Bird To Redskins Sideline

Johnny Manziel Flips Off Redskin Bench

As we are in the midst of the NFL preseason with only a couple of weeks left till regular season starts, the Browns and Redskins took the field. During the off-season the Browns made a couple great moves and drafting key players like Jonny Manziel as quarterback to help the team have a winning season.

Manziel did not and has not lived up to the expectations of many fans as of yet in this preseason. He is competing for the starting position against Brian Hoyer. On a second-and-7 play, Manziel dropped back, rolled left to escape the rush and threw across his body just before reaching the sidelines. The pass to Jonathan Krause was incomplete.

With 2:28 left in the third quarter, Manziel jogged back towards the bench and he seemed to have heard some things from the Redskins bench that did not sit well with him. Manziel then extended his middle finger over his right shoulder toward the bench. Of course this gesture was caught on camera because it was a Monday night football game where every camera is already watching Manziel’s moves. Manziel said he had “words exchanged” with the Redskins and that he should have been smarter.

Manziel had struggled throughout the game going 5-for-13 for 49 yards and one sack before the gesture.

When asked about his actions in the post game interview he said,

“I felt like I did a good job of holding my composure throughout the night, and you have a lapse of judgment and slip up.”

The Brown coach, Mike Pettine was informed of the gesture after the game and was not very pleased.

“That’s a big part of all football players, especially the quarterback, that we have to keep our composure,” Pettine said. “So that’s something that we’ll obviously address with him.”

Manziel was not penalized, but the NFL no doubt will review the tape, and Manziel will be subject to an $11,025 fine. He can appeal his first fine, and it can be limited to 25 percent of a weekly check of close to $6,200.

For a player who is working to become a starter and a leader, this is not the right way to show your coach you are ready. Manziel needs to understand that what was tolerated in college will not be over looked in the professional league. When the decision comes to choose a starter I am sure this action will play a big role as if he is ready to become the Browns leader.

Be smarter Jonny Football.

Information from ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter was used in this report.


Shelle Knows: Just A Quickie

Hey guys, I’m back! I know I have been gone for a little longer than I expected. Let’s catch up a little then. Since the last time I have blogged I was in the midst of starting a new position where I hold a lot of responsibility, so it limits the time I have to write. No excuses though I think I have settled in well enough where I can share all my views and opinions with you all now.
Let’s not get confused though. Just because I have not been blogging does not mean I haven’t been tuned in on the ups and downs of what has been happening throughout the sports world. In my opinion I see a lot of things have been getting very “messy.”
Affairs, racism, betrayal, and petty social media arguments.

Donald Sterling and Mistress (long black hair)

Donald Sterling and Mistress (long black hair)

Let’s recap; Donald Sterling is an ignorant idiot who happens to represent what most owners believe in and out of the sports world. I am not surprised by any of his remarks only because this is not the first I have ever heard one speak of minorities in such a degrading manner. This man is a very elderly rich man who was stripped of something that could have lived in his family for years. Now he feels the need to fight back but for what? You were caught red-handed and exposed by your side chick who happens to be a minority. You said it now stand by it!
But oh well next.

Paul-GeorgeIf you have followed me the past two NBA season you would know that the love I have for Paul George from the Indiana Pacer’s is borderline DELUSIONAL. Yes, I will admit it but anyways… He has caught HELL this season on and off the court. He has been wrapped up in stripper baby mama rumors and has been exposed by a “gay” man. George has responded to those rumors and does not deny that he may be the father to the strippers baby. He owned up to the fact that there is a possibility that she is carrying his baby. Also, George stated that the pictures of him naked are pictures of him but was not catfished and exposed by a gay man. He says he knows the “bitter” female who has leaked the pictures and those rumors has since died down.
Now that the Pacers have survived the first round of the NBA finals against the Atlanta Hawks, George is being blamed for the lack of help and talent Roy Hibbert has been producing in these finals. Before the playoffs Hibbert stated that there were ball hogs on the teams insinuating that he was referring to George. Now a rumor surfaced that George slept with Hibbert’s girlfriend (whoever his girlfriend may be).
Once again, Paul George took to Instagram to clear up the false rumor and posted a picture of his teammates Hibbert, Hill, and himself fishing hashtags Brothers. The only thing the Pacer’s need to focus on is building Hibbert’s confidence back so that they can make it past the Washington Wizards and continue on.
Next up, Floyd Money Mayweather.
97371980JJ006_FLOYD_MAYWEATFriday, May 2nd 2014 before Mayweather’s PPV fight on Saturday, Mayweather decided to stir the pot on social media with his ex, Ms. Jackson. He exposed the fact that the real reason the two broke up was because she aborted his twins because she did not want to lose her figure. Mayweather said he does not believe in abortions and felt she was being selfish. Well since Ms. Jackson is now dating Nelly the rapper. Mayweather threw fire his was and started social media frenzy. In my opinion Ms. Jackson is foolish for aborting babies because she did not want to mess up her figure. That was just plain old stupid of her and Mayweather was very petty in how he dealt with the situation.
Point. Blank. Period.
Of course there is much more we could discuss but I’ll save that for a more formal post.
Until then this is enough until the next scandal I’m sure.